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2B Gamer Free Fire UID, Youtube Journey, Stats, Income and More!

2B Gamer aka Sandesh Tamang, is one of the most prominent Free Fire Content Creator from Nepal, he mostly uploads gameplay, challenge and other entertaining videos on his youtube channel.

2B Gamer has currently over 3.59 million subscribers and around 442.93 million views. Here you can check out his Free Fire uid, in-game stats, income, and other details.

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2B Gamer’s Free Fire ID and Stats

2B Gamer Free Fire id is 133688778 and he is the Leader of NXT Guild. Here are his in-game stats of the ongoing season.

Lifetime Stats

2b gamer free fire lifetime stats
2B Gamer’s Lifetime Stats (image via Free Fire)

2B Gamer has appeared in 15943 Squad games and has accumulated 3484 wins by defeating 52954 players. He has a K/D ratio of 4.25.

He has played 2941 Duo matches in Free Fire in which he has managed to get 432 Booyah. He has also accumulated 8957 frags with a K/D ratio of 3.57.

2B has also participated in 1700 Solo games and has 224 wins, equating to a win rate of 13.17%. He has eliminated 4811 players and achieved a K/D ratio of 3.26.

Ranked Stats

2b gamer current season ranked stats
2B Gamer’s Current season Ranked Stats

In the Ongoing season, 2B Gamer has played a total of 512 Squad matches and has managed to achieve Booyah 119 times, with 2270 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 5.37.

In the Duo Mode, He has topped 2 times out of 12 matches, with 51 kills, which leads to a win rate of 16.66%. He has a K/D ratio of 5.10.

Apart from this, he has also appeared in 11 Solo games, however, he wasn’t able to win any. He has killed 25 players and achieved a K/D ratio of 2.27.

2B Gamer Income

2b gamer income or earnings stats
2B Gamer Income Stats (image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, The estimated monthly and yearly income of 2B Gamer lies between $2.6k – $41.6k and $31.2k – $499.7k, respectively.

YouTube Journey

2B Gamer first video was uploaded on October 28, 2019. He has been uploading Free Fire videos since then. There are over 970 videos uploaded on his channel and the highest watched one having over 7.5 million views.

Raistar Challenge 2B Gamer 1 VS 1ūüėěūüėěSorry!!-Unexpected Result || Garena Freefire
2B Gamer Highest Watched Video | Raistar vs 2B Gamer

In the last 30 days, 2B Gamer has accumulated about 50k subscribers and 10.19 Million views.

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