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5 Best Characters for Free Fire Ranked Mode

Free Fire Ranked Mode is a Mode in which players can showcase their skills in competitive matches, Players lose or gain some Rank Point whenever they win or lose a game. It is based on their performance and depends on the league in which the player is in.

Players get some rewards based on their rank at the end of the Season, the ranked season lasts for 2 months.

There are 37 Characters in Free Fire at this time. A player can use any of the characters in a Ranked match and a combination of characters.

Which are the 5 Best Characters for Free Fire Ranked Mode ?


Character combination with dj alok
Character combination with DJ Alok (Image via Free Fire)

In my opinion, DJ Alok is the best player to use in Ranked matches because of his special ability ‘Drop the Beat’. The ability creates a 5meter aura nearby the character that increases movement speed by 15% and Restores 5HP/S lasts for 10 Seconds at the maximum level (level 6).

Character Combination to use with DJ Alok

The Character Combination I use personally for pushing rank are as follows:

  • DJ Alok with Kelly, Hayato and Maxim

This combination is one of the best combinations with DJ Alok, which is focused on Healing and having a slightly Defensive Composition. Kelly increases speed by 6%, Maxim reduces the time consumption of using Med Kits. Hayato increases armor penetration by 10% when the player HP decreases by 10%.

  • DJ Alok with Kelly, Maxim and Moco

In this combination, I removed Hayato and instead added Moco because of his ability ‘Hacker’s Eye’ because when you play squad matches, whenever you give damage to an enemy it will show an arrow on the enemy and both you and your Teammates can see him, This ability lasts for 3 Seconds but if you have unlocked Elite Moco then it will be very helpful.


Character combination with Chrono
Character combination with Chrono (Image via Free Fire)

Chrono is best for both defensive and aggressive players in the ranked mode, Because of his special Active Ability “Time Turner”, the ability creates a force field that blocks 600 Damages from enemies and the player inside the field can attack the enemy without taking damage. The ability increases Movement Speed by 15%. Why I put Chrono on the Second number, because of the downside of his ability only lasts for 8s and Cooldown time of 170s at the max level (level 6).

Character Combination to use with Chrono

  • Chrono with Kelly, Maxim and Hayato

The Same Combination we used with DJ Alok, instead of Alok we will use Chrono because it will save you are highly damaged and can save you from being killed.

  • Chrono with Kelly, Maxim and Shirou

This time we are using Shirou because of his ability ‘Damage Delivered’, When the user is hit by the enemy within 80 Meters range, it will mark the enemy for 6 seconds (only visible to the player) with the first shot on the marked enemy has 100% additional armor penetration, which is great for Combat fights. The cooldown time for the ability is 20s at the max level (level 6).


Character combination with wukong
Character combination with Wukong (Image via Free Fire)

Wukong, A Monkey that looks like a humanbeing, is an AI Battle Robot. Wukong’s ability is it transforms into a bush, which lasts for 15s at the max level (level 6). Cooldown time is 200 seconds, Firing the weapon will cancel the ability effect, and taking down an enemy will reset the cooldown.

It is useful for Short Combat fights and you can even take down a Squad solo.

Character Combination with Wukong

  • Wukong with Kelly, Moco and Hayato

Kelly increases the movement speed by 6%, moco tags an enemy when you hit him. Here we are using Hayato because it increases armor penetration by 10% when user HP decreases by 10%.

  • Wukong with Kelly, Maxim and Antonio

Here Maxim will increase the speed of using Medkits and we are using kelly for Movement Speed because In a fight you need movement speed to take down a squad. And Here Antonio’s ability is it gives 35 extra HP when a Match starts.


Character combination with Skyler
Character combination with Skyler (Image via Free Fire)

Skyler is a new Character who is introduced 5-6 Months ago. Skyler is in 4th Number because of his special Active ability “Riptide Rhythm”, This ability unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy 5 Gloo walls in 100 Meter range. It also recovers some HP when the user deploys a Gloo wall. The cooldown time of this ability is 40s at Level 6.

Character Combination with Skyler

I don’t use Skyler much in Ranked games instead I use it for Custom Rooms.

  • Skyler with Kelly, Maxim and Hayato

Here we are using Skyler as an active skill and kelly for movement speed and Maxim for using medkits faster and lastly Hayato for Armor penetration.

  • Skyler with Maxim, Shirou and Jota

If you play defensively then this character combination is best for you, Here we are using Shirou for marking enemies whenever the enemy attacks, it will tag him and it also increases armor penetration by 100%. Jota’s ability is “When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP for the user”. This ability helps users in close combats.

#5. CLU

Character combination with Clu
Character combination with Clu (Image via Free Fire)

Clu is in the 5th Number because it has a very different ability “Locate positions of enemies within 75m who are not in a prone or squat position. Lasts for 7.5s, CD 60s. Teammates share skill effects after level 1”. If you play squad matches, then one of your teammates should use this character.

Character Combination with Clu

  • Clu with Kelly, Jota and Hayato

Here Clu will help you in the last zone fights, it will mark the enemy’s location and share it with teammates. For movement speed, we are using kelly because it will increase speed by 6% and Jota for Health recovery because, in the last zone fights, you won’t have time for using medkits. Hayato will increase armor penetration which helps in taking down an enemy faster.

So guys let me know in the comments, which character you use and your character combination.

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