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5 Best Free Fire Characters For Clash Squad and BR Mode

Garena Free Fire mainly Offers two types of modes, but they sometimes comes up with Different event modes such as Lone Wolf, Bomb Squad etc these modes are only available for the specific time range.

But the two main focus are Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad, Battle Royale can be played Solo, Duo or Squad as well but the Clash Squad mode only offers team match.

For better gameplay and experience, players can choose a character whose ability will help them in the battlefield. So here’s the 5 Best Free Fire Characters to use in Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad mode.

Free Fire Characters For Clash Squad and BR Mode

1. DJ Alok

DJ Alok Character in Free Fire
DJ Alok (image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok is the first character that comes in mind when someone says Best. DJ Alok has an active ability called “Drop The Beat” that creates a 5m aura which increases the player sprinting speed by 10% and also restores 5 Hp/Sec for 5 seconds.

The ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds which means player need to wait until next ability use.

2. Skyler

Skyler Character in Free Fire
Skyler (image via Free Fire)

Many players shifted to Skyler after the Chrono’s ability Nerf. Skyler has an active ability called “Riptide Rhythm” which unleashes a Sonic Wave that can destroy 5 Gloo Walls within 50m range. It also recovers few HP whenever the player deploys a Gloo wall.

The Ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds and can be used again after the cooldown time. Skyler Character was given for free in a event before so if you’ve it already then its great to use.

3. Hayato

Hayato character in Free Fire
Hayato (image via Free Fire)

Hayato is a Legendary Samurai who has a passive ability “Bushido”, the ability states; When the maximum HP decrease by 10%, armor penetration increases by 7.5%.

Hayato’s ability is best for both Clash Squad and BR Mode as it will destroy the enemies Armor, it is recommended to use with DJ Alok or Skyler. Hayato character can be purchased for 8k coins in the in-game store.

4. Clu

Clu Character in Free Fire
Clu (image via Free Fire)

Clu is one of the best Character which has an active ability called “Tracing Steps”, with the help of the ability, player can track down enemies position within 30m range. The enemies will be marked on the mini map and is visible to teammates also.

The only downside of her ability is- it cannot track enemies position who are in Prone or Squat mode.

5. K

K Character in Free Fire
K (image via Free Fire)

K Character is a Professor and Jiu-Jitsu Expert, He has an active ability called “Master Of All” which increases the EP of players by 50. K character has a unique ability that have two separate modes- Jiu-Jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode.

The Psychology Mode recovers 3EP in every 2.2 seconds upto 150 EPs. While the Jiu-Jitsu Mode increase the EP conversion rate by 500% for both player and allies within a 6m range.

Note: Players can upgrade or level up their Characters to increase their Power and make them more Powerful.

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These are the 5 Best Free Fire Characters that players must try in Clash Squad and Battle Royale Mode.

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