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5 Best Free Fire Emotes Of All Time

Garena Free Fire features a wide variety of emotes and many players desires to get them. Garena releases new emotes regularly to increase the number.

The developers have released many emotes that players can obtain from Elite Pass, Events, Topup bonuses. Several emotes were also given to players for free of cost.

In this article, we are sharing a list of 5 best Free Fire’s Emotes released so far in the game.

5 Best Free Fire Emotes released so far

5. Eat My Dust

Eat my dust emote free fire
Eat My Dust Emote in Free Fire

Eat My Dust is one of the most popular emotes released so far in Garena Free Fire. When equipped, The player summons a Golden Car (Lamborghini) and sit on top of it while dancing. This emote was released back in 2020 in a topup event.

4. Tea Time

Tea time emote free fire
Tea Time Emote in Free Fire

Tea Time is another popular fan favourite Emote. When equipped, the player would summon a table made of light and sit relaxed while drinking tea from a cup. This emote is much more popular than the Eat My Dust due to the animation looks pretty cool.

This emote was released back in 2020 in a Dual Wheel Event.

3. LOL Emote

Lol emote free fire
LOL Emote in Free Fire

You may know how much popular this emote is! LOL emote is a popular fan favourite emote released since then. Mostly, players use this emote to make fun of others. This emote was released in November 2018 as a Free Pass reward.

If you also use this emote to make fun then comment below!

2. Pirate Flag

Pirate flag free fire
Pirate Flag Emote in Free Fire

This is the 2nd most popular emotes released back in March 2020 in a topup event along with Soul of the pirate backpack skin. Players use this emote to challenge others for a battle or to show who is the best.

1. FFWC Throne

FFWC Throne Emote Free Fire
FFWC Throne Emote in Free Fire

This is probably the best emote released so far in Garena Free Fire. The FFWC Throne emote summons a golden throne in which the player sits on a challenging pose to show who is the Champion.

FFWC Throne Emote was released with the first-ever World Series of Free Fire in 2019 in a top-up event.

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