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5 Best Pokemon Emulators for PC

Are you looking for a Best Pokemon Emulator for PC that will provide many features and be compatible with all the GBA and Nintendo DS Games, whether it is a Pokemon game or Mario? Well, coming straight to the point, We are sharing the list of 5 Best Emulators for PC from which you can easily play any GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS Pokemon Games, including Pokemon ROM Hacks easily.

It can be expensive for some people to purchase Consoles such as GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, and Nintendo DS, we are really thankful to the Developers who developed these applications.

What are the Best Pokemon Emulators for PC?

> Project 64- N64 (Free)

project 64 Pokemon Gameplay
project 64 Pokemon Gameplay

The first one on this list is Project 64, which is an open-source versatile Pokemon Emulator that can smoothly run Nintendo games on PC. Apart from this, Project 64 is compatible with LINUX, MAC, and the Android operating systems.

Being an Open-Source program means users can also change the source code to make their own Emulator. The project is continually been updated by the Gaming Community.

This emulator supports mostly any game including Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap which is not compatible with most of the emulators available in the market.

Unlike other emulators who have a complex user interface, Project 64 has a simple and minimal interface that makes it the best Emulator for PC out there.

> Dolphin (Free)

Dolphin Emulator: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Gameplay
Dolphin Emulator: Let’s Go Eevee Gameplay (source)

Dolphin is an open-source Pokemon Emulator that works well with modern games (GameCube and Wii Games), it’s available for download on Android, PC, and OSX.

It delivers an amazing Full HD experience to enjoy games with several enhancements such as compatibility with all PC controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, and even more!

but you should also note that running GameCube and Wii Games will require pretty powerful high-end devices to pull off. Low-end PCs will result in lots of lag and crashes, as it will require a lot of processing power for running large-size files and 3D Games.

> Yuzu (Free)

Yuzu Emulator: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay
Yuzu Emulator: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay (source)

Yuzu is one of the best Pokemon Emulators for PC players. It is an experimental Open Source emulator for Nintendo Switch which is developed by the creators of Citra.

Yuzu offers various options for players such as multiple profiles and saves slots option. earlier, they were also offering the local multiplayer option to play with friends but removed it because of Nintendo’s objection against it.

Yuzu is consistently being improved by the developers and a progress report is released every month.

> RetroArch (Free)

RetroArch Pokemon Gameplay
RetroArch: Pokemon Emerald Gameplay (source)

If you are looking for an Emulator that supports every console and Pokemon Games, RetroArch is the one you need. It can run all the Nintendo Console games as well Attari and MAME. It also comes up with a few preloaded games which users can play right after.

The only drawback we have found is that it is quite difficult to control as compared to other Emulators in this list, it also supports Joystick which is really great news for gamers (I think). Just like the Dolphin emulator, RetorArch requires a high-end PC to pull out 4K graphics.

> Citra (Free)

Citra Emulator Pokemon Sun Gameplay
Citra Emulator Pokemon Sun Gameplay

Citra is another open-source program developed by the same people who developed Yuzu. It is capable of running many of your favorite games of Nintendo 3DS.

Citra is available for Windows, MACOS, Android, and Linux which is actually great news for those who like to play on Mobile. Citra boasts 4K resolution and comes with Multiplayer support.

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These are some of the best Pokemon Emulators of 2022 available out there. If you liked this article consider sharing it with your multiplayer friends!

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