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5 Best Uses of Bone Meal in Minecraft

Minecraft showcase various items in which some can be crafted and some can’t. Among them, Bone Meal is a common yet very useful item for various things. It is most commonly used for Growing Trees quickly.

Bonemeal can easily be crafted from bones, and even dropped by mobs. However, Many New players might not know its uses apart from its ability to grow trees.

So if you are also the one who doesn’t know what are the uses of Bone Meal in Minecraft? No worries, we have got you covered!

5 Best Uses of BoneMeal in Minecraft

> Growing Trees and Plants

Bonemeal is most commonly known for its ability to grow trees and plants quickly, it can also be placed on almost every grass block to boost their growth.

It might take a few tries to work for certain plants so you should have some extra bonemeals. But most of the time, it grew immediately.

Bonemeal (Minecraft Animation)

However, there are still some plants such as Cactus, Vines, Nether Wart, Chorus plants, and Sugar Cane(Java edition only) that have no effect of Bonemeal so you should waste it on those plants.

You can also put Bonemeals on a Composter from which villagers with the farmer profession can collect it and use it to grow their crops faster.

If you use a bone meal on the grass block, grass and flowers would begin to grow and the flowers would totally dependent on the biome in which you’re. If you need a specific flower then you’ll first need to go to the exact biome where they are naturally found.

This also works on other blocks in other biomes such as Underwater blocks, Netherracks, and nylium.

> Dye

Bone meal can be used as a source of white dye in every Minecraft version, although the dye mechanics are slightly different for each of the game versions.

  • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, You can directly use the bonemeal to dye your items white.
  • In Minecraft Java Edition, You can’t directly apply bonemeal instead you’ll need to craft it into White dye before applying it to items like Wool, Beds or sheep.
Minecraft Dye Chart
Minecraft Dye chart (image via irnpost.com)

You can use White dyes to mix it with other colors or dyes to make various new colors such as Gray, light blue, lime, magenta, pink, etc.

> Banners

If you wanna decorate your house or base with custom banners, bonemeal is what you need.

White Banner Minecraft
White Banner in Minecraft (image via Minecraft.net)

Bonemeal is the only item to dye a banner lighter or white. There are various designs available in the game from which you can create a custom banner by yourself.

Bonemeal (white dye) is also very useful if you want to remove a design from your banners.

> Bonemeal Block

Similar to coal and iron, Bonemeal can be assembled to form a Bonemeal block. Bonemeal blocks have no practical use however, they can be used as a decorative item. These blocks have a circular pattern when turned on their side, which looks very cool if used properly (:

You can form a Bonemeal block by placing 9 Bonemeals
You can form a Bonemeal block by placing 9 Bonemeals (img source: digminecraft.com)

Bonemeal blocks comes very handy when you have a lot of Bonemeals, which you can store on your chests to save storage and break it when needed!

> Dyeing Exclusive items white

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Bonemeals is very useful to dye various exclusive items including Balloons, fireworks, glowsticks, and shulkers.

You can turn them white with the help of Bonemeal, it basically works as a default color for these items when crafting them.

Minecraft colored fireworks
Minecraft colored fireworks

If you wanna give a white fade effect to the fireworks, you will have to dye them white while crafting, which gives a fade effect when a firework is set off.

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