At OtakuSign, we are open to various forms of advertising and partnerships that cater to our audience of passionate otaku enthusiasts. Below, we outline our advertisement guidelines to ensure that our collaborations align with the interests and values of our community.

1. Types of Advertising Accepted:

  • Advertising Offers: We welcome advertising offers from businesses, brands, and services that are at least loosely related to the otaku culture, including anime, manga, and games.
  • Sponsored Posts: We are open to sponsored posts with content that resonates with our audience. Sponsored posts should be relevant to our niche and offer value to our readers.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: We consider affiliate partnerships with products or services that are in line with our content and appeal to our otaku community.

2. Advertising Restrictions:

  • Products/Services Limited to Adults Only: We do not accept advertising offers for products or services exclusively targeting individuals over the age of 18.
  • Gambling Sites: We do not advertise gambling sites or any content related to gambling.

3. Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding sponsored posts, affiliate partnerships, or general advertising opportunities, please contact us directly at:


We value your interest in partnering with OtakuSign and look forward to exploring advertising possibilities that resonate with our Otaku audience.

4. Additional Advertising Options:

  • Ad Space Rental: We offer ad space on our website for businesses and brands seeking to promote their products or services. Feel free to contact us for more information about ad space availability and rates.

We appreciate your interest in advertising with OtakuSign and welcome you to contact us for advertising inquiries and collaboration opportunities.