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Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite: How to get them & What They’re For!

Many Players search for ways to earn Aeos coins and if you are one of them then don’t worry, in this guide, you will learn about multiple ways to obtain these Coins to purchase your favourite Pokemon or items. Moreover, all the process and methods we have listed are free of cost means you won’t need to pay anything.

What are Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite?

If you don’t know what these coins are? then let me tell you, every game has its in-game currency like Garena Free Fire has Diamonds, Clash of Clans has gems, similarly, Pokemon Unite has Aeos coins.

Blastoise (Best Defender Pokemon)
Aeos coins can be used to purchase New Pokemon

Players need these coins to acquire Unite License of their favourite Pokemon and Holowears. Although, there is a different currency as well which is Gems but that’s not free.

How to get Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite?

As I said earlier, there is more than one Free method to get Aeos coins in Pokémon Unite. Additionally, if you are a new player who has just started playing Pokemon Unite then you have much more.

Experienced players should also check out these methods in case if you have missed any of them.

  • Completing Tutorials: If you have just started playing Pokemon Unite then you must complete all the tutorials in the tutorial section even if you know how to play it. Because it will give you some Aeos coins.
  • Daily Missions: Pokemon Unite has a daily missions section where You will get rewards for completing daily tasks and challenges. The tasks are easy to complete and will not take longer than 20 minutes.
  • Events: There are several events ongoing where you can get hundreds or thousands of Aeos coins for completing these events in the given time. Moreover, if you are having a problem completing them then you can search it on Youtube for tricks.
  • Fair Play Points: Pokemon Unite has a fair play system that rewards players. If you could hit 90 fair points a day then you will earn 20 Aeos coins as a reward. I know it’s not much but yeah its a free method.ūüėÖ
  • Level Up System: Whenever you reach a new level in the game, you will get a reward and most of the time, you may get Aeos Coins in a big amount. However, it will require a lot of time to level up.
  • Play More Matches: Every time you complete a battle, you get about 20-50 coins per match (up to 2100 a week) as a reward. So play more matches to get more Aeos coins.

All the methods we have listed are the major ones to earn Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite. Moreover, players should complete all the new events on time to get Free coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Q. What are Aeos Coins used for?

Aeos coins are the in-game currency of Pokemon Unite and players can use them to unlock their Favourite Pokemon and Holowears.

Q. How many Coins do you get per match?

You can get up to 20-50 Aeos coins per match with an average of 50 coins. You will need to play 6 games a day or 42 games a week to reach the 2100 Aeos Coins limit. However, the weekly limit only counts the coins acquited from battles.

Q. What is the fastest way to get Free Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite?

The fastest method is by playing battles. Quick battles, Standard and the Ranked Battle will reward players with Aeos coins after every match. You can get an average of 50 coins per match.

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