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All Free Fire Pets, Their Abilities and All You Need To Know

Free Fire is a competitive game that has many Unique things like Characters with Unique Abilities, Pets, Gun Skins, and many more. There are many pets available in Free Fire with unique abilities.

So here in this article, we will see all the Free Fire Pets available till now, Their Abilities, and everything you may need to know about them.

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How many Pets are in Free Fire?

There are a total of 17 Pets available in the Free Fire game, every pet has a unique ability (except kitty and mechanical pup) that players can use on the battlefield. Free Fire developers introduce new characters and pets in every update, like I said A New pet “Agent Hop” is most likely to launch in November Month.

List of All Pets in Free Fire

1) Kitty

Free Fire Pets
Kitty – Free Fire Pets

Kitty was the first pet introduced in the game, the developers added Kitty as a testing pet and gave players for free. New players get kitty for free when they reach level 7 in the game and also can buy it in-game store for 299 diamonds.

Special Ability

Kitty has no special ability

2) Mechanical Pup

Free Fire Mechanical pup pet
Mechanical pup pet has no ability

Like Kitty, Mechanical pup doesn’t have a special ability and it is for just show.

Special Ability

Mechanical Pup has no Special ability.

3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda pet
Detective panda pet in Free Fire

Detective panda is a pet that is based on a Panda in Free Fire game that has a special ability “Panda’s Blessings” that restores 10 HP when you kill an enemy (at max level).

Special Ability

Panda’s Blessings- Restore 10HP upon Kill

4) Night Panther

Free Fire pets
Night Panther Pet in Free Fire

Night Panther pet is based on a panther that has a special ability “Weight Training” that increases the inventory space of backpack.

Special Ability

Weight Training- Increase 45 inventory space (at max level).

5) Shiba

Shiba Free fire pets
Shiba Pet free fire

Shiba pet is based on a Dog in Free Fire that has a special ability “Mushroom Sense” which marks one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map.

Special Ability

Mushroom Sense- Mark one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 120 seconds. the Mark lasts for 30 seconds (at max level).

6) Spirit Fox

Spirit fox pet
Spirit fox pet

Spirit Fox as the name says, is based on a Fox that has a special ability “Well Fed” that restores extra HP when using a Med Kit.

Special Ability

Well Fed- Restore an extra 10HP when using a Med Kit (at max level).

7) Robo

Robo pet
Robo pet in Free Fire

Robo is a shield pet that adds a shield to the gloo wall that provides an extra HP to Gloo walls.

Special Ability

Wall Enforcement- Adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing an additional 100 HP.

8) Poring

Poring pet
poring is a jelly type pet

Poring is a jelly-type pet that has a special ability “Stitch and Patch” which increases helmet and armor durability and prevents helmet and armor from being destroyed.

Special Ability

Stitch and Patch- Increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 1 second. Prevents up to level 3 helmet and armor from being destroyed.

9) Ottero

ottero pet free fire
ottero pet free fire

Ottero pet in Free Fire is also based on a real-life animal that has a special ability that gives some EP when using a Treatment pistol or Medkit.

Special Ability

Double Blubber- WHen using a Treatment pistol or Medkit, the receiver will also recover some EP. The amount of EP recovered is 65% of HP recovered (at max level).

10) Falcon

Falcon pet
Free Fire Pets

Falcon is a special pet that is based on an Eagle. It is very helpful in the Ranked matches as it increases the gliding speed and diving speed for the entire team.

Special Ability

Skyline Spree- 45% increase in gliding speed upon skydive. 50% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. (applies to the entire team).

11) Mr Waggor

mr waggor pet
mr waggor pet

Mr. Waggor is a Penguin pet in Free Fire that has the best ability that gives Gloo wall when the players have less than 2.

Special Ability

Smooth Gloo- When the player has less than 2 Gloo Wall grenades, Mr. Waggor can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 100 seconds.(at max level)

12) Rockie

Rockie Free FIre pets
Rockie pet

Rockie is based on a Racoon, it has a special ability that decreases the cooldown time of active skills of characters.

Special Ability

Stay Chill- Cooldown time of equipped active skill decreases by 15% (at max level).

13) Beaston

Beaston Pet
Beston pet in Free Fire

Beaston is based on a Gorilla, Beaston has a special ability to throw grenades, Gloo wall, flashbang, and smoke grenades at a long-range.

Special Ability

Helping Hand- Throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade increased by 30% (at max level).

14) Dreki

Dreki Pet
Dreki is a dragon pet

Dreki is a dragon-type pet. like other pets, it also has a special ability, with the help of the ability, the owner of the pet is able to spot enemies who are using med kits in a specific range. This ability is useful for short-range fights.

Special Ability

Dragon Glare- The owner is able to spot 4 Opponents who are using Medkits within a 30m range. lasts for 5s.

15) Moony

Moony an alien pet
Moony an alien pet

Moony is an alien pet that has an ability “Paranormal Protection” that reduces damage taken when the owner of the pet is using medkits, repair kits, etc.

Special Ability

Paranormal Protection- 35% damage reduction when the owner is in interaction countdown (e.g. using medkits, repairing, etc.)

16) Dr. Beanie

Dr. beanie pet
Dr. beanie is based on a Duck

Dr. Beanie is a duck pet that is introduced recently in 2021 that has the ability which increase the movement speed of the character when in a crouch position.

Special Ability

Dashy Duckwalk- When in a crouch position, movement speed increases by 60% (at max level).

17) Sensei Tig

Sensei tig
Sensei tig is recently added in Free Fire

Sensei tig pet is introduced recently in the game, it has a special ability “Nimble Ninja” which reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills (e.g. Moco’s ability).

Special Ability

Nimble Ninja- Reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills by 50% (at max level).

Upcoming Pet:

Agent Hop

Upcoming Pet in Free Fire
Upcoming Pet in Free Fire – Agent Hop

Agent Hop is a new pet that is not yet launched in Free Fire. It is most likely to launch in November. Agent Hop has a special ability that gives players some EP each time when the safe zone shrinks.

Special Ability

Bouncing Bonus- When the safe zone shrinks, players gains 50 EP(at max level).

This is the information of all Free Fire Pets, their abilities, pet images.

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