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Top 10 Best Anime Femboy Characters [2023]

Anime is known for its vast range of characters, and one intriguing archetype is the femboy. Also referred to as “traps”, these highly feminine boys challenge traditional gender norms by dressing and acting like girls. They often surprise fans who develop crushes on them, only to find out their true gender. In recent years, the anime community has grown fond of femboys and even created memes around them.

OtakuSign has brought you a list of the top 10 best anime femboys of all time, so let’s dive into it!

List of Top 10 Anime Femboys

Here is the list of the top 10 Anime Femboys that has captured the heart of so many fans: 

1. Felix (Re: Zero)

Felix, one of the most popular anime femboy character

If you have watched Re: Zero then you probably heard about Felix as one of the extremely loyal side characters in the series. 

Felix is an absolute gem among femboy characters. With his charming personality and captivating appearance, Felix has gained a dedicated fanbase that simply can’t get enough of his charm. But there’s more to Felix than meets the eye – not only does he embody the essence of a femboy, but he also happens to be a mischievous catboy, adding an extra layer of adorableness to his character.

2. Chihiro (Draganronpa: The Animation)

Chihiro Fujisaki is a side character featured in Danganronpa: The Animation. He is an exceptionally talented high school programmer who is considered a genius in his field.

Chihiro transformed into a trap because of being bullied as a child for being too weak for a boy. However, this only added another fear of being bullied again if people discovered his true gender.

3. Hideri (Blend-S)

Hideri from Blend-S

Hideri is a femboy who closely resembles a real woman. Employed at Café Stile as a maid, his appearance captivates everyone. With long silver hair, bangs, and striking teal eyes, he completes his maid attire with matching stockings, a black headband, and ribbons. Despite his girly voice, many mistake him for a girl. But when anger or nerves arise, his masculinity asserts itself.

4. Saika (Oregairu)

Saika from orgairu

Saika is one of the beloved figures in the Oregairu series. He is a student at Sobu High School who excels in sports, particularly tennis. Leading the tennis team, he inspires outstanding performances. While Saika occasionally shows a feminine side while interacting with the protagonist, his assertive nature also emerges.

With long hair that sometimes hides his face, Saika is known for his grey hair, expressive eyes, and pale skin tone. His kind and compassionate behavior further enhances his personality.

5. Ruka Urushibara (Steins; Gate)

Ruka (Anime Femboy Character)

If you’ve seen Steins Gate, you’re likely familiar with Ruka, one of the main side characters in the series. Among the mentioned figures, he stands out as the most feminine. He works at an old Shinto shrine run by his family, dressed as a shrine maiden. Okabe, his good friend, makes efforts to uplift his spirits as Ruka tends to be gloomy.

Ruka is notable for being the only femboy who transforms into a girl due to Okabe’s messed-up timeline. This event transports him to a timeline where Ruka exists as a female.

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6. Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

Shiota Nagisa, best trap char

Shiota Nagisa is one of the best femboy characters in anime. The crucial story behind Nagisa’s mature and womanly appearance all arises from his mother’s strong desire for a daughter instead of a son. Even though Nagisa was born a boy, their mother insisted on transforming him into an adult woman, going as far as making him cut his hair against his will.

Though, Nagisa may not have an exact feminine appearance, but there’s something truly intriguing about him when he put on a uni-dress. It stirs up strong emotions and brings out his feminine side. The way he carries himself with elegance in those clothes is absolutely captivating and deserves a special place on any list.

7. Haku (Naruto)

Haku, most elegant femboy charcter

Haku, a character introduced early on in the Naruto series, is definitely a favorite among anime lovers. In the manga, it’s mentioned that Haku’s beauty is so captivating that people often mistake him for a woman.

What’s fascinating is that Haku doesn’t even make an effort to appear feminine, yet his natural charm shines through. From my perspective, he’s the ultimate anime femboy because his true identity remained a delightful surprise until later in the plot.

8. Hitoshi Sugoroku (Nanbaka)

Hitoshi from Nanbaka

In the anime Nanbaka, we encounter a young character named Hitoshi Sugoroku, who works as a prison guard. He has a gentle, gentle, kind, and compassionate nature. Hitoshi is slim and has the habit of wearing contact lenses.

While his eyes naturally have a dark red hue, the lenses give them a blue appearance. His waist-length blonde hair mostly covers him, and he’s often seen with nail polish. Hitoshi’s clothes may give the impression of a guy dressed as a girl, partly due to his unintentionally manly behavior. However, he doesn’t feel embarrassed a bit.

9. Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha)

Astolfo from Fate Spinoff

You might remember this character from the popular Fate series spinoff, Fate/Apocrypha. As a servant of the rider class, he played a significant role in the Matter of France, where he was depicted as one of Charlemagne’s paladins. Belonging to the esteemed lineage of Otto, the King of England, and tracing his family roots to Orlando and Rinaldo, he proudly carries the bloodline of Charles Martel.

Despite his gender being concealed and his affinity for wearing dresses, this character’s upbeat and optimistic behavior should not be misinterpreted as weakness. On the contrary, he is hailed as the strongest among the rider class, even achieving the extraordinary feat of ridden to the moon.

10. Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

Hideyoshi (Most prominent of all)

Last but certainly not least, we have Hideyoshi Kinoshita, an absolutely lovable character from “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.” He’s an adorable and charming young man who can effortlessly pull off an attractive female appearance. Many people mistake him for a girl, leading to some confusion. Interestingly, Hideyoshi’s bathroom photos fetch a higher price than Akihisa’s pictures in women’s clothing (yes, anime can be weird). Although he prefers being recognized as male, it seems he’s embracing this aspect of himself.

“Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu” is a romantic comedy anime set in a school where students are divided based on their grades. The higher-scoring students enjoy better classroom furniture, while those in the lower class, like Class F, have less desirable arrangements. Our main character, Akihisa Yoshii, is determined to prove the worth of his class.


In the context of anime, The term “femboy” is often used to describe characters who were assigned male at birth but embrace their feminine side in terms of appearance and behavior. Just a heads up, not everyone is on board with this term, and some might find it offensive.

While this list may not cover every single remarkable anime femboy, there are many other deserving characters out there. If I forgot some please make sure to mention them in the comments, will surely update it in the list!

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