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Top 5 Best Pokémon Games for Android & iOS

Pocket Monster or Pokemon is a huge franchise with a lot of fans and you are probably one of them, much like us! Here we have covered the Top 5 best Pokemon games for Android with 3D graphics that you will surely like, so check it out!

Although this list is specially dedicated to Android devices, there are many games that will work in iOS as well.

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Pocket Tyrannosaurus

best pokemon game for android 3D
Pocket Tyrannosaurus (image credits: youtube)

Pocket Tyrannosaurus is an open-world pokemon game with amazing graphics and textures. You can do pretty much everything, you can catch/train/evolve your pokemon as well as ride them. Although everything looks great, the battle system is a little different. All your pokemon will enter the battlefield at the same time.

Since it is not developed in association with The Pokémon Company so it isn’t available on the Play Store. Don’t worry you can still download/play it from here.

Pokémon Unite

Top 5 Best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite (image via Pokemon)

I guess you would probably know about it before. Pokemon Unite is a popular 5vs5 team battle game where the team’s motive is to gather as many points as they could. As you defeat more pokemon, the faster your pokemon will level up and evolve.

Pokemon Unite is available for free for both Android and iOS so you can directly download it from the Play Store or App Store, respectively.

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Endless Trainer

[Android/IOS] Endless Trainer (Idle Trainer) - New POKEMON Gameplay

Endless Trainer is an idle pokemon game where players can explore the world, catch dozens of Pokemon, defeat GYM leaders, PVP, and many others to become the world’s best Pokemon Master!

You can download it for Android directly from here.

Pokemon Master Ex

Pokemon Master Ex 3D game
Pokemon Master Ex (image credits: DeNA)

Pokemon Master Ex is a comparatively newer title in the franchise, where players can fight in a team of 3. The most interesting thing about the game is that here you can actually fight with real-time players.

Also, the developers of the game are DeNA who is also behind one of the most epic games, Final Fantasy. You can download it from here.

Pokemon Blaze Online

Pokemon Blaze Online Got Even Better!?!

Pokemon Blaze Online is another great game that deserves to be on the list. It is a Pokemon MMORPG game where you can fight against other players around the world in a custom pokemon universe.

The storyline is completely different from that you have played so far, you can progress through the storyline defeating GYMs, evil teams, catching/evolving pokemon, and so on. The game also has a range of quests that you can complete in order to win awesome rewards.

It is available for Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows as well. You can download Pokemon Blaze Online from their official website.

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