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5 Best Zombie Games of All Time!!!

Do you like playing Zombie Games where you kill these undead creatures coming out of their graves, I like it too. Zombie games are full of horror & thrill and that’s why we have come up with a list of the Best Zombie Games of all time, all the listed games are available for Android and iOS for free of cost. Must check out if you haven’t played any of these!!!

Most Popular Zombie Games for Android & iOS

Plant Vs. Zombies

Plant vs Zombies Gameplay!
Plant vs Zombies Gameplay! (credit: PopCap Games)

If you are a zombie fan then you must have played this awesome game, Plant Vs. Zombies is an action strategy & adventure-based game developed by PopCap Games. It is available for free on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Apart from this, Plant vs Zombies has a newer version available i.e. Plants vs Zombies 2 which has more than 300 levels, daily missions, events, and many exciting features for players that will keep them interested.

Into the Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is one of the most popular survival games out there. This is more of an endless runner game where players have to keep running endlessly. Your main motive here is to keep running to save yourself from these undead people.

The game has very decent graphics and unique gameplay with events and missions that will keep you entertained throughout the time.


UNKILLED | Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Unkilled is one of the most amazing zombie shooting games out there, where players have to survive in a zombie apocalypse while shooting them to clear the path. It is one of the most popular games with more than 10 Million Downloads on the Google Play Store. You can download this game to experience Zombie survival.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie survival MMO game set in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the living creatures have been turned into deadly creatures, Zombies!!!

Your only goal is to stay alive as long as you can, there is no place left for friendship, love, and compassion. You can’t trust anybody other than yourself. Collect valuable resources for crafting, creating weapons, unlock various transport mediums that will help you survive in this vast world.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War - CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Dawn of Zombies is an online Zombie simulator game set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is no longer exists, the only thing that exists is ZOMBIES. Players need to fight these undead creatures as well as to survive against hunger, aberrations, diseases, and radiation.

Players need to follow a story with dozens of characters, hundreds of quests, and notes. Make sure to upgrade your base because you aren’t the only one left.

Here our list comes to an end, we have covered the best Zombie Games available for both Android and iOS platforms. There are many more zombie survival games we haven’t covered but a simple Google search is enough.

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