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Booyah Partner Program: Everything You Need To Know

Booyah! is a streaming platform of Garena where any kind of Gamers can stream, build audience and earn money. The main focus of Booyah! is Free Fire and most of his audience is Free Fire audience and if you want to earn money from Booyah Partner/Streamer Program then you should do Free Fire Livestreams.

So in this article, We are going to tell you all about Booyah Partner Program and things you should know before starting doing Livestreams.

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Requirements of Booyah Partner Program

To join the Booyah streamer program, You need to complete some criteria:

  1. You need to stream for atleast 120 minutes to be counted as a valid stream day.
  2. You should be consistent and hard working as many people lose hope and leave it.
  3. and lastly, you should not focus on earning first instead entertaining your audience is the main criteria.

How much can you earn from Booyah Streamer Program

It is not fixed but an average level streamer can earn between $200 – $400 in a month while the highest-paid streamers earn between $2000 – $3000 a month but to reach this stage, you need to be consistent and hard working. and also the amount is not fixed it may be different for every streamer.

Which Game is Best to Stream on Booyah!

Booyah allows every game to be streamed on their platform but in my understanding, if you are a Free Fire gamer then you have the high scope as most of the Booyah audience is Free Fire players.

But of course, it is not mandatory to stream Free Fire, you can stream any game. GTA 5, Minecraft, and Valorant are also trending so you can try them also.

Important Terms Used in Booyah Streamer Program

  1. Average CCV: CCV stands for concurrent viewers, which means the number of people watching you at a particular time and average CCV means, how many people watched your stream continuously.
  2. Average Login CCV: Everything is the same as Average CCV but the main difference is- the average number of people watching your stream is logged in to the platform.
  3. Stream Days: Stream days means how many days you stream on the Booyah platform. And also you should stream for 120 minutes at least to be counted as a valid stream day.

Criteria and Levels

Booyah Partner Program Criteria and Levels
Booyah Partner Program Criteria and Levels

You need to complete the criteria before if you want to join Booyah Partner Program:

You will need to stream for at least 3 days, 10 Hours streamed, 3 average CCV, and have at least 10 followers.

After completing Eligibility test
After completing the Eligibility test

Streamer Tiers

There are different tiers- Casual, Part-timer, and pro and every tier have different level and Different rewards.

Streamer Tiers


KPILevel 1Level 2Level 3
Stream Days51010
Stream Hours102030
Average CCV3090150
Total Followers1006001200
Payment (US$)52040
or Diamonds100040008000
Casual Level Tiers


KPILevel 1Level 2Level 3
Stream Days121620
Stream Hours506070
Average CCV4506001000
Total Followers150020004000
Payment (US$)150240350
or Diamonds000
Part-timer streamer tier


KPILevel 1Level 2Level 3
Stream Days202020
Stream Hours808080
Average CCV200040006000
Total Followers60001000020000
Payment (US$)80012002000
or Diamonds000
Pro Streamer Tier

This is all about Booyah Partner Program, Hope you like this article. If there’s anything left, let me know in the comments!

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