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Free Fire: 5 Changes You’ll Get To See in The Upcoming OB31 Update

The Upcoming OB31 update is near and players are super excited about what changes they will get to see in the Upcoming Free Fire Update and of course, I’m also excited to know about the changes!

So in this article, we are going to see all the 5 changes we will get to see in the upcoming Free Fire OB31 Update.

#1 Snow in the Bermuda Map

Samurai Garden covered with Snow
Samurai Garden covered in Snow

We will get to see Snow in the Free Fire Map for the first time ever!

In the next update, Garena will bring Snow in the Bermuda map but only in Samurai Garden. The whole island will be covered in the snow – Ground, Roofs, and even cherry blossoms will be covered with Snow.

#2 New Pets

Agent Hop & Yeti Pet in Free Fire
Agent Hop & Yeti Pet in Free Fire

2 New Pets will be going to be introduced in the next update, Agent Hop and Yeti Pet.

Agent Hop is a rabbit-like pet that has a very unique ability that gives 50 Extra EP when the safe zone shrinks, which is very helpful if you got stuck outside the zone.

and second, is based on a mysterious creature Yeti, which will be available in the update.

#3 A New Mysterious Character

A New Mysterious Character
A New Mysterious Character! (image source: Gurugamer.com)

A new character also got leaked recently, The character has a passive ability called Ice Iron. This Ability recovers Gloo wall durability by 10% of current durability. In addition, when using ARs on Gloo walls, the damage increase by 20%.

Overall, In my opinion, this ability is a total waste.

#4 Akimbo Mode for All Guns

Use Double Weapons
Akimbo Mode will be available in a special mode

From the next update, players can use double weapons like Double vectors using an item called Akimbo Activator. Players can even use a shotgun and an SMG gun combination also.

But the fact is this item will only be available on a special mode and can not be used on the Clash squad and Battle Royale.

#5 MAC-10 SMG Gun

New MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire: Specifications
New MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire: Specifications

A new gun will also be going to introduce in the upcoming OB31 update, This weapon is an SMG Gun that has a built-in Silencer. MAC-10 has a good rate of fire and has High damage. Well, this is a short-range weapon just like MP40.

I have already written a separate article about this gun so you can check it out also: Free Fire Leaks: New MAC-10 Gun Coming in OB31 Update

That’s it for this article, if you need more information about the upcoming Free Fire Updates and events then you should bookmark our site.

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