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Clash Of Clans All Heroes, Their Abilities & All You Need To Know

Heroes are the most powerful and immortal troops in Clash of Clans that can be regenerated and can Battle again. Every Hero has a different ability that can be used when deployed in battle. There is a total of 5 Heroes in both Main village and Builder Base.

In this article, We will see everything about Clash of Clans All Heroes, their abilities, and things you might not know about them.

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Clash of Clans All Heroes & Their Abilities

> Barbarian King

Barbarian King Information
Barbarian King Information

Barbarian King is the first hero introduced in the game, unlocks at Town Hall 7. Barbarian King can defend your village as well as destroy enemy bases. The Barbarian King’s ability “Iron Fist” unlocks when the hero reaches level 5. His ability summons a horde of Barbarian troops and also increases the king and his summoned Barbarians Damage and speed. His ability doesn’t affect any other troop and it only works for the Barbarian King and his summoned troops.

At this time, the Barbarian King has a total of 80 levels but it requires Town Hall 14 to reach that level. The King also has special Skins which can be obtained from the Gold Pass. There are a total of 16 skins introduced in the game till now!

Barbarian King Skins

Barbarian King Every Skin Till Now
Every Barbarian King Skin Till Now! (image via clashofclans.fandom.com)

> Archer Queen

Archer Queen Information
Archer Queen

Archer Queen is the second Hero and the powerful version of Archer. Archer Queen unlocks at Town Hall 9, the queen shoot arrows from 5 tiles distance from the building, she has a special ability “Royal Cloak” that unlocks at level 5 when used, The Archer Queen summons a group of Archers, her ability invisible the queen and her summoned troops and increases speed and health as well.

The Archer Queen can be upgraded to level 80 but it requires Town Hall 14. Like Barbarian King, The Archer Queen also has Special Skins that can be obtained from the Gold Pass.

Archer Queen Skins

Every Archer Queen Skin till now!
Every Archer Queen Skin till now! (image via clashofclans.fandom.com)

> Grand Warden

Grand Warden Information
Grand Warden

Grand Warden is the third hero that unlocks at Town Hall 11, the warden is physically weak but it is the best supportive unit. Unlike other heroes, Grand Warden can only be unlocked and upgraded with Elixir. Warden can be set to air mode and ground that means the Grand warden can fight in air as well as in the ground. Well, as it is not much powerful but his ability is best for supporting troops on the battlefield. His special ability “Eternal Tome” creates a ring of aura that protects other troops and heroes from taking damage for some time.

Another unique thing about the Grand Warden is that he can jump through walls in the ground mode. The developers have introduced 55 levels of the warden till now. Grand Warden has 8 Skins to date.

Grand Warden Skins

Every Grand Warden Skins till now
Every Grand Warden Skins introduced in the game

> Royal Champion

Royal Champion Information
Royal Champion

Royal Champion is the fourth Hero of the Home Village that unlocks at Town Hall 13 when his altar is built. He can also jump through walls like Hog riders. Her favorite target is defense buildings, she throws her spear to destroy buildings. The Royal Champion has moderate Health but high damage so she is the best attacker like Archer Queen.

The developers have added 30 levels in the game till now and the Royale Champion has 4 skins to date.

Royale Champion Skins

royal champion Information
Every Royal Champion Skin till now!

> Battle Machine

Battle Machine Information
Battle Machine

Battle Machine is the first and the only Hero (available at this time) in the Builder Base. It can be unlocked at Builder Hall 5 and requires 900,000 elixir to repair. Unlike other Heroes, The Battle Machine will not defend the village (since both players attack each other). Battle Machine has the ability that unlocks at level 5, the ability “Electric Hammer” can be used every 15 seconds in the battle.

The developers of COC haven’t added any special skin for the Battle Machine. The Battle Machine currently can be upgraded to level 30.

Battle Machine Skins

Battle Machine Levels
Battle Machine has different skin/forms at different Levels!

This is the information of Clash Of Clans All Heroes, their abilities, and all you need to know about them.

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