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Cobra Rage Bundle in Free Fire: All You Need To Know

The Cobra Rage Bundle is one of the legendary bundles ever released in Free Fire and was first released in Cobra Ascension Event in February 2021 and returned after a few months in September.

Garena Free Fire introduces new features and Events for players on every occasion, They always come up with awesome rewards and surprises and among them, the Cobra Rage bundle is one of the best costumes ever released in an event.

About The Cobra Rage Bundle

The legendary Cobra bundle was the first EVO bundle released in February 2021 and returned in September month. The bundle is very unique and there are also some amazing features in this bundle.

Some of the key features of the Cobra Rage bundle are:

1. Customisable Outfit

Customizable outfit option in Cobra Rage bundle (image via free fire)
Customizable Outfit Option (image via Free Fire)

One of the most prominent features of the Cobra Rage bundle is its Colour customisable option. Players can customise the outfit according to their preference into four colours i.e. Red, Blue Yellow and Violet. The bundle also summons a Cobra buddy on the character’s shoulder. Whenever a fellow player visits your profile will be greeted with an emote where the character arrives on the Cobra Bike.

2. Outfit Colours

The outfit of the Cobra Rage bundle can be customised into four different colours that unlock when the player ranks up. The colour options are:

The colour option in cobra bundle
The colour option (image via Free Fire)
  • Red: Unlocks at purchase.
  • Yellow: Unlocks when a player reaches Gold rank.
  • Blue: Unlocks when the player reaches Platinum rank.
  • Purple: Unlocks when the player reaches Diamond rank.

3. Bonus Rewards

The Cobra Rage bundle not only offers the outfit but numerous special bonus rewards as well. The bonus rewards are:

Bonus rewards
Bonus Rewards in Cobra Rage Bundle (image via Free Fire)
  • Emote Lead: Cobra Dance Emote
  • Predator Pulse Emote:
  • Exclusive Arrival Animation: the special animation effect when the player joins a squad.
  • Special Parachute Effect: special animation when the player is about to open the parachute in the Battle Royale.

How to get Cobra Rage Bundle in Free Fire?

The Evo Cobra bundle can not be purchased at the moment as the event already ended. However, if it returns then players can able to get it.

The last time it was available in the Cobra Ascension event was in September 2021. There are higher chances that Garena may return the bundle because of its popularity.

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