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Digimon Nova Red: How to Download, Features, and more!

You might have played many Pokemon ROMs but if you like to play a new game with a twist, where you will find Digimon instead of Pokemon and catch them to be your partner.

Digimon Nova Red is a ROM hack that is based on Pokemon Fire Red with the same story. The only difference is here you will see Digimon instead of Pokemon.

Here you will find many new rosters of distinct types, stats, and abilities which will make your session a bit more interesting. If you are not fond of Digimon, you can find a complete list of the team ahead since they are not the same Pokemon you are used to.

Update: The roaster have been increased from 151 to 250 in the recent version so must check it out!

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Digimon Nova Red Story, Features, and Other Details!

Digimon Nova Red


The story is similar to FireRed and LeafGreen so you know what to expect next. The changes you’ll get to see are in the Trainers, GYM Leaders, and other teams which get exchanged from the Digimon Timeline. The flow of the story is the same, however, there might be some changes in the dialogue.


Just as I stated earlier, In Nova Red, there are Digimon instead of Pokemon. The earlier version had 151 Digimon but now it has over 250 Digimon ready to get caught.

A NEW Digimon Pokemon Game?

All the Digimon have their original Typing, abilities, and stats as there in the Anime. If you are not very fond of Digimon, you can do some research to find out their move sets and stats.

Their spawn location also varies and they can evolve without the need for trade. One more thing to remind you, there’s no shiny Digimon in the game so don’t bother hunting. Here are some key features you can look on to:

  • Up to 250 Digimon to catch!
  • specific type of movesets and types
  • Digimon can evolve without the need to trade
  • fairy type included
  • Physical/Special split
  • The game is slightly harder than normal


Digimon Nova Red Screenshots

Download Link

Digimon Nova Red is developed by Guizeinbuick which is based on Pokemon Fire Red. You can read more about it from here.

You can download Nova Red from here (click here to download).

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Riolu Trainer
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