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How to Make an Enchanted Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Enchantments are like special abilities that can be placed on most things like tools and weapons to make them stronger and more durable.

Fishing Rod is one of the most useful items that players should enchant to use its power at max. It can be used to acquire rare items like enchanted books, Horse Saddle, Nautilus Shells besides the most common item fish.

Enchantments improve the fishing rod’s ability and performance, if you don’t know how you can enchant a fishing rod in Minecraft then look no further here we are sharing a complete guide on How to make an Enchanted Fishing Rod in Minecraft and what are the best enchantments for a Fishing Rod you should apply.

Everything You Need To Know About FISHING In Minecraft!

How to Make an Enchanted Fishing Rod?

It’s basically very easy to make an enchanted fishing rod. first, you’ll need to craft a simple fishing rod. you can easily make one by placing 3 sticks diagonally (starting from the top right corner to the bottom left) and 2 strings. See the image for understanding much better.

Enchanted Fishing Rod Recipe Minecraft
Fishing Rod Recipe (image via Minecraft)

You have a simple fishing rod ready, now you have to select an enchantment that you’ll use in your fishing rod. If you don’t know which enchantment is best for a fishing rod then read below, we have already listed it.

To enchant a fishing rod, you only need an Enchanting Table and an appropriate amount of Lapis lazuli to pay for the enchanting cost. However, you might not get your favorite enchantment through the Enchanting Table so I prefer you to trade a book from the Librarian villager to get your favorite enchanted book but basically, it will require a lot of emeralds.

Best Enchantments for Fishing Rods in Minecraft

Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchantment Guide

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea is the must-have enchantment for Fishing Rods in Minecraft. It allows players to get better loot from fishing and is needed to pull off an enchanted book from fishing.

This enchantment increases the chances of treasure catches by about 2% per level while lowering the chance of catching Junk by 2% per level. It slightly lowers the chance of catching Fish by about 0.15% per level. I know it might not be a big number but you know it is still better than nothing.


Lure is another good enchantment for players to have on Fishing Rods. This enchantment increases the rate of Fish biting the hook. In short words, It decreases the wait time for biting the hook by 5 seconds per level.

At max level, the wait time reduces by 15 seconds so players won’t need to wait any longer and catch fish and other items at a very faster speed. Lure can only be obtained through the Enchanting Table.


Mending is one of the best enchantments to have on most of the tools and weapons in Minecraft. This is a universal enchantment means it can be used on many things besides Fishing Rods.

Mending converts the XP gained while fishing and uses it to repair the rod’s durability. In simple words, it can give the Fishing Rod infinite durability if used for fishing only.

Mending is a rare enchantment that can only be obtained through Enchanted Books in the Loot chests or by trading with villagers in Minecraft World.

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