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Fastest Way To Level Up in Clash Of Clans: Tips & Tricks

Experience points are gained by completing different tasks such as upgrading buildings, donating troops, completing Achievements, destroying enemy Town Halls, etc. The more you gain experience points, The higher you will level up in clash of clans.🚀

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games for Android and iOS platforms. Users never get bored as it is an addictive game for many players.

In this article, you will learn how to level up faster in Clash of clans and gain Exp points faster.

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How to level Up Faster in Clash Of Clans ✓

Follow these 4 simple ways to gain exp points and level up quickly in Clash of clans:

> Clan Hopping ⭐

Clan Hopping is the best way to gain exp points and level up quickly. Clan hopping is when you join a clan and donate all that’s possible and leave it and join another clan. You gain Exp on the basis of how high your troops are. Its a great way to level up easily by using Clan Hopping technique.

Level up quickly by using Clan Hopping technique
It works! (image source: Stackexchange)

> Complete Achievements ⭐

(Image via Clash of Clans)

The super fast to level up is by completing achievements. You can gain experience points by completing achievements but it takes a lot of time to complete some of the achievements.

> Upgrade Buildings ⭐

You gain some XP by upgrading Buildings!

The another quick way to level up is by upgrading buildings and troops. Many people don’t even upgrade their Elixir and Gold collectors so i suggest you to upgrade it first as they will give Elixir and gold which you can use it to upgrade your defense and troops as well. You can some experience points every time whenever you upgrades a building or troops.

> Destroy Enemy Town Halls ⭐

Destroying enemy THs gives 9-10 Experience points!

One of the easiest way to gain some XP is by destroying enemy town halls. But destroying town halls while raiding will only give you Single-digit Experience points.

These are some of the working tricks you can use to level up quickly and gain experience points in Clash of clans.

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