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How to Get BGMI Royale Pass for Free

Royale Pass is a great way to get exciting rewards such as Brand-New Outfits, Gun Skins and more. The graphics of BGMI are visually appealing and players can even enhance their gameplay by purchasing outstanding outfits, skins and Royale Passes.

However, To get a Royale Pass, players need to pay real money but it’s not worth to worry about. Here, we are sharing a few simple ways that will get you free Royale Pass in Battleground Mobile India.

Ways to Get Free Royale Pass in BGMI

There are numerous ways, players can use to obtain a Royale Pass in all seasons without spending a dime. So here you go:

Google Opinion Rewards

This is such a simple and trustworthy method to get a free Royale Pass in BGMI. Players just need to signup on the application and complete surveys and based on them, they will get paid.

How To Get Free Royal Pass in Bgmi | Google Opinion Rewards Bgmi Free Royal Pass | Zokkomon Gaming

Since it is developed by Google, there’s no such chances of getting scammed. It’s quite user friendly however, there’s some pros and cons such as – It takes up to 7-8 days to receive a survey. Although, it’s advised to enable GPS Location of the device which slightly increases the chances of getting surveys more often.

Joining Giveaways

Giveaways can be a great way to obtain free Royale Passes and other rewards in Battleground India. There are many streamers who frequently do giveaways on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Loco TV etc.

Win Free RP Giveaways
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However, winning a giveaway is a matter of pure luck but what does it cost to give it a try? If players are present in a giveaway, they should participate in it and even get a chance to win a Royale Pass. Additionally, BGMI also does events where players can win free rewards.

Note: Donot share your Account details with anyone even if they told you to give free rewards and in-app currencies, there are high chances that you might get scammed.

GPT Apps

GPT stands for Get-Paid-To. These are apps that pay its users for completing different tasks for points which can be later exchanged for gift cards. While this is a good method to get free Royale Pass, though bear in mind, these are third-party applications. However, there are some that are safe to use and actually pays its users, although, it is better to check ratings before using them.

Some popular GPT Apps are Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, MCash etc and are all available on Google Play Store.

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