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Free Fire 14th Mystery Shop (December 2021): Release Date, Items & more

Garena Free Fire is about to get its 14th Edition of the fan favourite Mystery Shop event in December 2021, along with the upcoming New Age Event.

When the developers released the Mystery Shop, it was used to make it available every month, however, from the last 2-3 editions, Garena made it a rare event as we know it is quite popular among the Free Fire Community.

The last edition (13th edition) of the Mystery Shop Event was released back in September 2021 and almost after 3 months, we are about to see another Mystery Shop event this December.

What is Mystery Shop in Garena Free Fire?

If you don’t know what Mystery Shop is, let me tell you, Mystery Shop is one of the most popular in-game events among the Free Fire Community. It offers various in-game items at a very decent discount which may go up to 90%.

Similar to Elite Pass, it also has a concept of bringing an exclusive Male and Female bundle. As it is wintertime, the upcoming Mystery Shop is going to be a Winter and Christmas special Mystery Shop event.

Free Fire 14th Edition Mystery Shop Release Date

Free Fire’s Mystery Shop 14 is expected to release on December 25, 2021, and mostly, the Mystery Shop event lasts for a week in the game; hence, it will end on January 1, 2022.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 14.0 Exclusive Bundles

As always, the upcoming 14th Mystery Shop will also bring exclusive male and female bundles. “Flake Blake” is the exclusive Male bundle while “Frosty Shawty” is the exclusive female bundle. Below are the leaked images of the exclusive bundles.

Free fire Mystery Shop 14.0 Exclusive Bundles
Mystery Shop 14.0 Exclusive Bundles

About the 14th Mystery Shop

The 14th edition of Mystery Shop will offer up to a 90% discount but the discount percentage depends on your luck. Before entering the Mystery Shop, everyone has to take a spin and if they are lucky enough they could get a 90% discount.

The mystery shop items in the pool are divided into male and female bundles of the shop. As you know, you can’t just purchase an exclusive bundle just after entering the mystery shop, first, you’ll need to spend some diamonds in the shop. Generally, the spend amount is 50 diamonds, however, who knows they will increase it this time.ūüėÖ

How to get 90% Discount in Mystery Shop?

Every player desires to get a maximum discount i.e. 90% discount in the mystery shop to purchase items at a very cheap price, however, only the luckiest person could get it.

There is no such trick to get 90% discount but from our experience, only 3 types of players are generally given a higher discount:

  • New Accounts
  • Players who never purchase in-game items
  • Accounts with fewer Diamonds

If you don’t fall under any of this, you can do only one thing that is to keep fewer diamonds while making a spin as it will increase the chance of getting a higher percentage of discount.

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