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The CreepyPasta Story of First-Ever Free Fire Character “Adam”

Free Fire has a huge collection of Characters, they even introduce a new character with every update, which has its unique ability and background story.

Adam is the first-ever male Character of Free Fire who doesn’t have any ability and background story at all. The developers even hid his origin story. Here we are going to reveal the Creepiest Creepypasta story of Adam in Free Fire. Wanna know read on!

Adam Origin Story

Adam is the familiar name in Christians. In their respective scripture, Adam is the first human to be created similar to them in Free Fire where Adam (& Eve) is the first playable character.

Recently, Due to some reasons, Garena Free Fire changed the name of Adam to Primis.

Since each character’s story unlocks when we upgrade the ability level but Adam has no ability at all that’s why his identity is a big mystery.

In the Free Fire World, Free Fire is an evil organization that performs biological experiments to give people different abilities and send them into a battle royale match to test their powers and check the last man standing! Adam is said to be the first subjective experiment and a superhuman created by Free Fire Organization.

Rumours says, There are an endless number of Adam clones that Free Fire uses in the battle royale. The theory can be proved as you have seen that all the bots in the match use Adam’s character.

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Adam’s CreepyPasta Story in Free Fire

Adam's CreepyPasta Story Free Fire
Adam’s CreepyPasta Story Free Fire (image via Youtube)

There’s have been a Creepypasta about the Adam character around the Free Fire community.

The rumor says, If you play with Adam the whole night, At 3:00 AM You will get an invite from an unnamed player. If you join, you will enter a game against 10 other players whom you can easily defeat.

And at the end of the game, you will again receive an invitation from the same player who invited you before and he will reveal his identity as Adam, who’ve decided to curse all the players who have forgotten their family and friends, just as they forgot about him.

And at last, he will reveal that all the ten players you’ve killed are your family and close friends.

Adam Ability Glitch

As we know, Adam has no ability at all. That’s why not many players play with him. and there’s no reason to use it btw.

Although, there’s a bug that allows players to equip Adam with the ability of other characters. The glitch was working fine till the OB31 update but hasn’t been tested in the recent update. Here’s how the glitch works:

  1. Go to Character section and choose Adam
  2. Exit the lobby and open the Character section again
  3. Turn off your Wifi or Mobile Data
  4. Select a character you wish to use their ability with Adam. i.e. DJ Alok.
  5. Turn On the Internet connection and select Adam again!
Adam and Eve in Free Fire
Adam’s CreepyPasta Story Free Fire (image via wallpaperaccess)

This might take a few tries to work the glitch. Since it is a bug your account might get banned for taking unfair advantage of bugs. So try it on a new account.

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