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Free Fire to Add Credits System to Punish Toxic Players!

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games and even the most downloaded mobile game in the world according to Sensor Tower. However, while having a huge player base, Free Fire hasn’t taken any steps against bad behavior or toxic players.

Since the game’s release in 2017, there was only a way to report bad behavior is through the in-game reporting section which is ineffective in most cases.

Free Fire has scheduled the next Advance Server update for March 23, from which the new toxic credits system will be implemented for the first time, where players will be scored according to their behavior score and can be banned from playing matches.

This news has been shared by Free Fire Mania, one of the biggest portals in the world dedicated to Free Fire fans.

Free Fire Credits System: How it will Work?

GrandMaster Girl call me Noob😤 आजा 1 vs 4 में !! 😂
Players will be banned for toxic behavior!

To better monitor the game environment, the developers will introduce the Credits System. Any type of cheating or toxic behavior will result in the reduction of a player’s credit score thus, banning them from playing matches for some days once the score is reduced to a specific number.

On the other hand, players with good credit scores will be rewarded weekly. Thus, players should maintain a good gaming attitude that contributes to a fair competitive environment.

If a player gets detected in a violation will have their Credit score changed, thus having to face consequences including:

  • Being Blocked from playing some Modes: players will get banned from playing specific modes like CS Ranked if their score is low. However, players can still play other modes to increase their score, if their score reaches the appropriate number will soon get unbanned again.
  • Banned: Score below a cretain number will be banned for some days from playing ranked modes.
  • Team Member Lock: If a teammate score is below an appropriate value will be prevented from matchmaking.
  • Score below 90 will be banned from CS Ranked.
  • Score below 80 will be banned from CS Ranked and Classic Battle Royale
  • Score below 60 will be banned from both CS and BR Ranked modes.

The default credit score in the Credit System will be 100 and the score will fluctuate in a different scenario. Normal gameplay will increase the score while the use of improper language, abuse, and toxic behavior will deduct the score by 1-4 points.

If there is no in-game violation, the credit score will increase automatically and players will be rewarded for maintaining a good score.

The Credit System has not yet been available and will be tested on the upcoming Advance Server of March 2022 which is scheduled to release in the upcoming days.

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