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Free Fire Alpine Map Revealed: Release Date, Locations & More!

As we know, Garena Free Fire has only 4 Maps available and the developers has not added any new map in the recent time. But the Last month, a new map with code name “Shangri-La” was revealed by data miners.

Similar to all other leaks by Garena, the map’s real name turned out to be Alpine. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Upcoming New Free Fire Alpine Map.

Free Fire Alpine Map Release Date

Windmill and Solar Power in Alpine Map
Windmill and Solar Power in Alpine Map

The new Alpine map is going to be a part of the Free Fire New Year Celebration event “New Era” scheduled for December 29, 2021. Alpine is the 5th map about to be added in the game alongside Bermuda, Kalahari, Purgatory and Bermuda Remastered.

Additionally, The Alpine Resurrection event will start from December 25, 2021 and players will get many Free rewards as well.

Player will be able to check the new map on a web page event will be available on its release date, the web event named New Age might start from December 15th onwards. According to the leaks, the New Alpine map is going to be very immersive.

Alpine Map Origin

Alpine map in real life
Alpine in California (image source: google)

Similar to other battle royale maps, Alpine do exist in real life and it is based on a region located in California, in San Diego City. The place is surrounded by the Mountains, Lakes and snowfall most of the year.

Details of Alpine Map in Free Fire

Alpine Map locations and other details
Alpine Map Free Fire (image via Free Fire Mania)

The new Alpine map is going to feature such as Trains, Helicopter, Wind Generator, breakable fences, new decorative vehicles, new textures and New buildings.

The map is going to have 6 most popular or hot drop zone locations on the island:

  • Militia is located at the centre of the map, it is the usual military complex in Free Fire. No doubt, militia is going to be the hottest drop zone for players in the Alpine Map.
  • Snowfall is the only area on the Northwest part in the map which is covered with Snow. It is full of Japanese themed buildings.
  • Railroad is the next big location in the map, it features Trains on the map however So far, there is no indications if players can use the trains or not.
  • Stadium is a Sports Complex located in the south side of the map, the location is going to have a Basketball court as well.
  • Forest Red is going to be a Residential area while featuring a Big Red Tree, there are not much info about the area right now.
  • Dock is the last big location on the map, with two gigantic warehouse filled with Loot. It is similar to Mill of Bermuda.

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