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How to Always Headshot in Free Fire (Auto Headshot Like Ruok FF)

Having an accurate aim is essential for landing Headshots against enemies on the battlefield. This allows you to defeat enemies faster in just a single shot so you can easily take down the whole squad on the battlefield.

In this article, we have shared some of the best tips for players to land accurate headshots more efficiently in Garena Free Fire.

How to land Headshots in Free Fire Like Pro Players

#1 Correct Sensitivity Settings

To land an accurate headshot, having proper sensitivity settings is a must in Free Fire. Sensitivity settings depend on the mobile device and the user preferences.

Sensitivity settings is essential for headshot
Sensitivity settings are essential for accurate headshot (image via Free Fire)

However, many pro players (like Ruok ff and Raistar) suggest using 90+ red dot and general sensitivity settings. Which allows you to hit drag headshots more easily. You should not change the sensitivity settings regularly.

#2 Drag and Shoot

When your enemy is in a stationary state, you have to drag slightly upwards to land a headshot. This will move your crosshair upwards towards the head and as a result, the opponent will get hit in the head if the aim precision is on.

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If the enemy is moving, you should drag the button towards the direction of the opponent’s head. It might require quite a time to learn but this will ensure more headshots.

#3 CrossHair Placement

Right crosshair placement is essential for landing headshots correctly. This is actually the most common mistake many players make by placing the crosshair in the wrong place.

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You should place the crosshair near the opponent’s head or slightly below. So when you drag upwards, the headshot will be placed correctly.

To improve it, you need to practice more and more on the training ground or by playing more games.

#4 Layout

Similar to sensitivity settings, the layout also depends on the player’s preference. The correct placement and size of the drag button are essential for an accurate headshot.

You should have enough space for drag
You should have enough space for drag (image via Free Fire)

You should place your drag button a little bit downside and the size must be between 40-60.

#5 Practice Practice Practice

You can’t land a perfect headshot without practicing. Free Fire has training grounds and you should make good use of it. You can start with hitting still and moving targets in the target range.

More Practice = More Headshots
More Practice = More Headshots (image via Free Fire)

The Free Fire OB32 update has updated the training grounds and has added many new features so you should make good use of it.

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