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Garena Free Fire Banned Over 1 Million Accounts in The Last Two Weeks

Garena Free Fire was the most Downloaded Mobile Game in the month of October. The game took 34 million downloads last month alone. However, with such huge popularity, many people try to cheat or use hacks in the game. To keep the game fair and safe, Garena revealed that they had banned over 1 Million Accounts in the last two weeks.

Recently, Free Fire Developers have shared an Official Report in which they said that they had permanently banned a total of 1,165,452 Accounts in the last two weeks to keep the environment fair and safe from Cheaters.

Free Fire developers issue biweekly reports that show the cheating data to instill confidence among the fans. The recent report shows the number of accounts banned and the type of cheats used. A total of 1,165,452 Accounts have been permanently banned in the last two weeks. Out of these, 39,098 Accounts were punished for playing with Hackers intentionally.

and Over 40.19% of Accounts were suspended due to multiple reports received.

Hackers and Cheaters are the biggest threat to the Battle Royale Games, even the most popular Battle Royale Game of 2017 Rules Of Survivalturned into Ashes as the developers could not able to stop Cheaters and Hackers in the game. Garena’s weekly report says that they are handling the Hackers pretty well.

More Information of the Banned Accounts

Here’s the breakdown of the percentage of players who used different types of cheats in the last two weeks:

  • Total of 43.5% Cheaters were banned for using Auto-Aim.
  • About 31.1% were banned for using Anteena Hacks. A hack that gave the location of the player.
  • Approximatley 9.2% cheaters were using Teleport hack.
  • About 8.3% accountss were banned for using Wall hack. A cheat that that allows Players to pass through walls.
  • No specific reason given for the rest 7.9% ban.

Garena also thanked the fans for helping developers by reporting hackers and also issued a warning to those who use any type of hack that they will find them and punish them eventually.

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