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Free Fire Next Elite Pass Season 45 (February 2022) Leaked rewards, release date & more

Free Fire Next elite pass Season 45 will be available from the next month in February 2022 and will start right after the January elite pass ends along with the Free Fire OB32 update.

In this article, we are reviewing the upcoming season 45 (February 2022) Elite Pass leaked rewards, trailer, skins, bundles and more.

Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass Release Date and Pre-order

The Upcoming Season 45 Elite Pass is Scheduled to release on February 1, 2022. It will be available for the whole month. Free Fire also comes with a Free pass along with the elite pass.

The pre-order of Season 45 elite pass will start from January 29, 2022, and end on January 31, 2022. Players can pre-order the elite pass by paying a fixed 999 diamonds.

Free Fire February 2022 Elite Pass Leaked Trailer and Rewards

The February elite pass has a swan themed bundles with blue coloured outfits.

Here are the Premium rewards you will get to see in the upcoming season elite pass:

Vehicle Skin

Season 45 pickup truck skin
Pick up Truck Skin – Whirl of Swan

The next elite pass pickup truck skin with a blue swan themed design.

SKS Skin

Premium SKS skin upcoming Elite pass
SKS – Whirlwind Crease Skin

You can check the new SKS skin in the image above, however, there are no attributes of this skin and it is just for show.

Exclusive Female Bundle

Exclusive female bundle of February light pass free fire
Female Bundle – Platinum Odette Bundle

An exclusive female bundle with a blue paper swan theme design looks like origami.

Skyboard Skin

Free fire Elite pass season 45 skyboard skin
Swan Embrace Skyboard Skin

The New Skyboard Skin with a blue swan themed, design is really cool.

Emote- Smooth Sway

February Elite pass remote

Smooth Sway, An exclusive emote of the season 45 elite pass that unlocks at 200 badges.

Exclusive Male Bundle

Season 45 free fire exclusive Male bundle
Season 45 Exclusive Male bundle- Silver Rothbart Bundle

The final reward of the February elite pass, unlocks at 225 badges. The bundle is based on the blue Swan theme.

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