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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47 Release Date, Rewards & More

Garena introduces a new elite pass every month specifically focused on a particular theme as the first elite pass of Free Fire was focused on the Japanese culture. It includes various eye-catching and amazing costumes, bundles, skins, as well as skins for items such as Skateboard, Weapons, backpacks, and more.

Since the Season 46 is already at an end, gamers are anticipating the release of the forthcoming season which includes various rewards and the new collection of items.

In this article, we are going to check out all the details regarding the upcoming Free Fire Season 47 Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 47 Elite Pass Details

The Elite Pass is one of the most valuable assets in Free Fire since it consists of many amazing items and a few old passes have become rare, let’s check out its release date and other details.

Release Date

As usual, the forthcoming elite pass season will start from April 1 and will be available until April 30. The elite pass will be available for pre-order 2-3 days before the actual release.


Elite pass cost is expected to be same as the previous ones!
Elite pass cost is expected to be the same as the previous ones!

The new season comes up with 2 options for players, free and paid one, free consists of rewards that are free to obtain however they are mostly crap. The other option is the paid one which includes many valuable items like Character costumes, weapon skins, and more.

Players can usually upgrade to elite pass for 499 diamonds, while the Elite Bundle costs 999 diamonds. Although, the price may vary from server to server.

By the way, having the elite pass doesn’t mean you have access to all the rewards, first, you’ll need to grind the missions to collect the badges and earn the rewards.

Leaked Rewards

Free Fire Season 47 Elite Pass Leaked Rewards
Free Fire Season 47 Elite Pass Leaked Rewards (image via Youtube)

Here are the leaked rewards for the April month Elite Pass (Season 47):

  • Jeep – Sky Legend (0 badge)
  • Azure Myth avatar at (10 badges)
  • Faraway Fog Jacket (15 badges)
  • Azure Myth banner (30 badges)
  • Ink of the Past avatar (40 badges)
  • Inktail Duchess Bundle (50 badges)
  • M60 – Porcelain Rush (80 badges)
  • Bamboo Scroll (100 badges)
  • Ink of the Past banner (115 badges)
  • P90 – Porcelain Rush (125 badges)
  • Scenic Pond Loot Box (150 badges)
  • Lotus Throne Backpack (195 badges)
  • Brushtail Duke Bundle (225 badges)

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