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Free Fire Guide: How To Climb Trees in the New Alpine Map

The new Alpine map in Free Fire, recently released on New Year Day features a variety of places to explore, including a southern island that is kinda similar to Rim-Nam Village in the Bermuda map.

Although, the newly launched map has only been available until January 9, many players are searching for useful tips that will help them on the battlefield. Here we are sharing a quick guide on how to climb trees on the Alpine map. however, there are several trees on the other map but you can’t climb them.

How to climb trees in the Alpine Map of Garena Free Fire

The Alpine map is completely surrounded by trees that can be climbed to surprise enemies on the battlefield.

The trick is very simple, you have to go to Forest Red with at least 3 Gloo Walls. Follow these steps:

Step 1: You will need to place 2 gloo walls to make a ladder. (As you can see in the picture)

Free Fire Alpine map tree
place 2 gloo walls to form a ladder

Step 2: Now take the advantage of the sloping area of the tree to climb up easily

Step 3: Now, climb up to the top of the tree and surprise your enemies.

Climbing a tree surely be a very safe place to hide in the Alpine Map as it is not easy to reach there and certainly even more difficult for the enemies to spot your location.

Check out the video guide if you didn’t get it:

How to climb on the red tree in snowfall🤫/ Alpine / freefire

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