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Free Fire: How to Use the Shotgun Perfectly!

Garena Free Fire has a lot of weapons to choose from in which Shotguns are one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft. Despite having a lot of drawbacks, they have the highest damage which many pro players use to Oneshot opponents.

While shotguns are less effective in long-range fights, they are super effective in short-range. But some inexperienced players usually fail to use Shotguns effectively. In this article, we’ve shared some tips and tricks to use shotgun effectively!

Tips to use Shotgun effectively in Free Fire!

1) Select your Shotgun Wisely

Free Fire currently has 5 Shotgun weapons (M1887, M1014, SPAS12, MAG-7, and Charge Buster) available for players to use. Among them, M1887 has the highest damage of 100 hp, but it might be difficult for some players to use it.

Despite having a wide range of shotguns, players often use M1887 and M1014 because of their high damage, accuracy, reload speed, and movement speed. It is suggested to choose the weapon in which you are perfect or use it easily.


2) Aim for Headshot

As shotguns have high body shot damage players underestimate the power of headshot. most of the time, players don’t even try for a headshot which is actually a very big mistake.

The reason behind this is, the torsos are usually heavily armored that’s why the body damage is not worth so it is suggested to try for a headshot within a combat fight.

3) Use Hayato’s ability “Bushido” to deal extra damage

Hayato Free Fire
Hayato Character in Free Fire (image via Garena)

Hayato’s ability “Bushido” is perfect for players who want to be perfect in Shotgun. At the max level, Bushido ability increases armor penetration by 10% for loss in 10% HP.

In short, the lower the Hp, the higher the armor penetration. While it has a risk involved, the reward is even better. If you are skillful enough, A perfect headshot can even destroy a level 4 helmet easily!

4) Memorize the effective range of Shotguns

Each shotgun has an effective range in Free Fire. The farther the target, the least damage he’ll inflict. If you try to hit a long-range enemy, he’ll just gonna eliminate you easily!

How To Always Headshot With ShotGun | 100% Working Trick || Free Fire

To avoid this scenario, it’s always best to get closer to the enemy before firing. It saves ammo, reduces reload time, and ensures that the enemy will be defeated swiftly!

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