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Free Fire Lag Fix Config: Lag Fix settings for Free Fire

Are you a 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB user and facing lag problem in Free Fire? Free Fire is the lightest Battle Royale game but still, many players experience lag issues on their phones.

In this article, we’ll guide you with Free Fire Lag Fix Config and some Free Fire settings so your lag problem will be fixed and your game will run smoothly!

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Lag Fix settings for Free Fire

You can apply these settings to fix your lag problem:

Reduce Graphics in Free Fire for no Lag

Free Fire lag fix settings
Set Graphics to Smooth for smooth gameplay!

This is the first thing you should do if you are facing lag in the game. You can try reducing the graphics to smooth which can decrease RAM usage and can help in running the game smoothly. Also, set the FPS option to normal so your phone doesn’t heat.

Improve Network Quality (Ping)

Fix ping Problem in Free Fire
Ping can also affect your game performance

In online games, it plays a major role in the performance of a player. The lower the ping, the better. Try using a better internet connection or if you are using a router and still your ping is high (200+) then contact your internet provider.

Optimal Ping Range for Free Fire:

  • 20-40ms: Excellent
  • 50-80ms: Good
  • 80-120ms: Average
  • 120-160ms: Decent
  • 160-200ms: Bad
  • 200-250ms: very Bad
  • 250+ms: Worst

Overall, try to get your ping under 150 as if it is higher than you experience lagging.

Avoid Overusing Your Device

Using your device to play games consistently can affect your device, which can result in overheating that can affect your device performance greatly and might cause a lot of Lag in your device. Try to play shorter game sessions so your device would not overheat.

Clear Cache and Storage

If you are experiencing lag in your device then you can try clearing Cache and make some storage in your phone. You can use the CCleaner app on your phone which will clear all the unnecessary Files or cache so your phone will run smoothly.

You can also uninstall an unnecessary app from your android phone and moreover, stop apps from running in the background, while it is not neccessary.

Use GFX Tools and Optimization Applications

Free Fire lag fix gfx tool
GFX Tool customize game graphics

If you followed all the above steps and still facing Lag in the Free Fire game then you should try GFX Tool, GFX tools are specially designed to customize the graphics of your game and helps in improving the performance of the game.

Well, it’s against the policy of Free Fire as stated by Garena that the use of any 3rd party application is not legit, so your Free Fire account may get banned and the use of Free Fire lag fix config file is also against the policy of FF. So try it at your own risk!

Free Fire Lag Fix Config File


The config file is a user custom file that changes the logs and internal coding of the game files. Well in my opinion you should never use the Config file as it may cause your Free Fire account ban. But if you wanna try, you can follow these steps;

STEP 1: Download the Latest config file (according to your device RAM) from youtube

STEP 2: Now Extract the files through ZArcheiver in a folder,

STEP 3: Copy the “Files” folder

STEP 4: Go to your device storage> Android >Data > com.dts.freefireth and paste it.

STEP 5: While pasting you will have to tick on overwrite and replace it.

STEP 6: Restart your phone and enjoy Free Fire lag-free!

FAQs Related to Free Fire Lag Fix Config File

Here are the top 3 most asked questions related to the topic:

Q. Is Free Fire Lag Fix Config File safe?

No, The use of config file is against the policy of the Free Fire game. Avoid using anything which goes against the policy as it might get your account being banned from the game.

Q. Is GFX Tools safe?

Use of any 3rd party app which modifies the game data is against the policy of Free Fire, So avoid using it.

Q. What if all the steps don’t work to fix the lag problem?

If none of the methods worked for you then there is only one way which is factory Reset. Reset your phone so the lag problem will be fixed.

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