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Free Fire Leaks: New MAC-10 Gun Coming in OB31 Update

The Next Free Fire OB31 Update is getting closer day by day and new leaks are being revealed by the users. In a previous leaks article, we showed that a New Yeti Pet is coming in December.

So In this article, We are going to See the Upcoming Weapon: MAC-10 SMG Gun specifications and will also check if it is better than any other SMG Guns specially MP40 or Not? By the way, This New weapon will be introduced in the upcoming OB31 Update in Garena Free Fire.

New MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire: Specifications

New MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire: Specifications
New MAC-10 SMG Specifications

The New MAC-10 SMG Weapon has a built-in Silencer that will hide your location from the minimap while firing. But as we know, SMG weapons are only work in a short-range and most of the time, Enemies are aware of your position.

This gun can be attached with attributes such as Scope, Foregrip, and a magazine. As the Silencer is built-in so we can not remove or replace it.

By default, The MAC-10 SMG Gun comes with 30 bullets per magazine. This is a balanced weapon of High damage, Rate of Fire, and Scope.

While Firing, The weapon deals 132 damage in a headshot when the enemy is not wearing a helmet and a body shot deals 24 damage per shot.

Is it Better than MP40 SMG?

Overall, This MAC-10 SMG is a great weapon for short-range fights but according to me it might be not as powerful as The MP40 Gun, but to get the actual answer, we will need to wait until the developers release the OB31 Update in Free Fire.

This Gun will be available for both Battle Royale and the Clash Squad Maps in Free Fire.

If you want to try this weapon early and want to check all the Free Fire leaks then you can register for the Free Fire OB31 Advance server and try all the new features early in the game.

Upcoming Gun MAC-10 SMG Gameplay & Full Details

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