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Free Fire OB32 Leaks: New Evo M4A1 Infernal Draco Skin Coming in Free Fire

With every new update, Garena Free Fire introduce new features, characters, skins, vehicles and among them, Evolution Gun Skins are the best that recently introduced the game. As the OB32 update comes close, Popular Dataminers have started to leak information about the upcoming Free Fire OB32 update. One of the biggest leaks is about the New Evolution M4A1 Infernal Draco skin.

In this article, we are going to check out everything about the upcoming Evo M4A1 Infernal Draco skin, Its attributes, emote and everything about it.

However, the skin name is still unknown as many data miners are referring to it as M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin.

Free Fire Evo M4A1 Infernal Draco Skin Stats and Special Ability

Free Fire Upcoming Evo M4A1 Infernal Draco skin
M4A1 Dragon Flame Evolution Skin First Look (image via Free Fire world)

Evolution Gun Skins are the strongest among all the weapon skins available in the game. They have better attributes than normal skins along with stunning effects, special ability and an exclusive emote as well.

However, The attributes or stats have not been revealed yet but no need to worry about them as we know, all the Evolution Gun Skins have the best attributes among all the skins of their type.

This Evo M4A1 skin has a special ability to deal extra damage to gloo walls. The developers have been releasing a lot of characters that interact more with Gloo Walls such as the recently added character Nairi, Xayne, Yeti Pet, etc, so we can expect it to be quite useful in the game from the next update.

Similar to all the previous Evolution skins, M4A1 Infernal Draco will have a total of 7 levels and each level unlocks a new attribute and increases its power. It also unlocks effects like the Bullet effect, kill effect, hit effect, exclusive emote, etc.

Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame Release Date and how to Unlock

Evo M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin First Look | Free Fire World

This Evo skin is expected to release in the next month in February 2022 (right after the update). Since all the previous Evo skins were available in the Faded wheel, we can expect it to be released in the Faded Wheel event that lasts for 30 Days.

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