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Free Fire OB32 Leaks Reveals New Turtle Pet, Shotgun, Pet Ludo Mode and more!

Free Fire OB32 Update is ready to hit global servers and are expected to be released by the end of this month (January 2022). The Advance Server for the upcoming update has already started and players can register for it from the official Garena’s website. Meanwhile, some famous Free Fire data miners have leaked that a New Pet called “Flash“, a brand new weapon called “Charge Buster” and “Pet Ludo” mode are coming in the upcoming OB32 update.

Free Fire OB32 Update Leaked Features

1) New Turtle Pet “Flash”

New flash pet coming in Free Fire Ob32 update
New Turtle Pet “Flash” leaked (image source: FF Journalist)

According to the popular Free Fire Data Miner FF Journalist, a new pet called Flash is coming in the upcoming update.

The Pet Flash has a special ability called “Steel shell” that reduces the damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 10% (on level 1).

The pet has already been released in the advance server for testing.

2) New Weapon “Charge Buster”

New shotgun Charge buster coming in Free Fire OB32
New Weapon Charge Buster (image source: FF Journalist)

A new shotgun called “Charge Buster” is also coming in the forthcoming update. Charge Buster will be available in both CS and Battle Royale Mode. The features of the gun are:

  • The gun has a very low rate of fire than M1887 and M1014.
  • Hold and fire to increase more damage.
  • The weapon can destroy small vehicles and players in one shot when charged.
  • The weapon uses SG Ammo and can fire 3 bullets in a reload.

3) Pet Ludo Mode

Pet ludo mode in free fire
Pet Ludo Mode in Free Fire (image source: ffjournalist)

A new Pet Ludo Mode will also be introduced in the OB32 update. However, there is not much information revealed yet and will be available in the next 2-3 days.

The release date of the OB32 update has not been officially announced yet, however, it is expected to be released by the last week of this month. More information about the Free Fire OB32 features will be available by the next week.

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