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Free Fire OB33 Advance Server: New Character, pet, Skill Rework & more

Free Fire Advance Server for the upcoming beta test has finally launched, with many new features and reworked ones. The developers have worked hard to provide players with a smooth experience for the OB33 update.

In this article, we are going to check out Free Fire OB33 Advance Server with all the new features, reworked skills, new character & pet, and more.

Free Fire OB33 Advance Server Details

New Mystery Character

A new mystery character has been available in the Advance Server. It has an ability called Swordman’s wrath which basically looks like the combo of Hayato’s Art of Blades and Chrono’s Shield.

A new Mystery Character has arrived!
A new Mystery Character has arrived!

The ability creates a shield that blocks incoming damage from the front which will disappear once the player starts shooting. According to leaks, the new character is named Kenta, who has previously appeared in the Free Fire Comics.

He is Hayato’s bodyguard and a skilled gunsmith. Overall, Kenta’s ability is not much powerful since it can’t be used for an offensive strategy.

New Axolotl pet – Zasil

A new pet has also been featured in the Advance Server. The new pet Zasil is a baby axolotl that has a unique ability called Extra Luck, which basically duplicates the player’s inhaler, Medkit, or repair kit at Level 1. The ability has a cooldown of 120 seconds at the first level.

Zasil has an ability to duplicate Medical equipments
Zasil has the ability to duplicate Medical equipments!

Whenever the player consumes one of those items, there’s some chance that the item will get an extra copy of the health item for free.

Characters Skills Rework


A124 is going to receive a complete rebuild for her abilities. Her previous ability has changed with a new active skill called Thrill of Battle which creates an 8m electromagnetic wave that interrupts enemies’ skills activation and their cooldown time.

This ability has a cooldown time of 50 seconds however, it is yet to see if the ability actually be useful for players. Overall, A124 has been turned into a closed ranged rusher character which can interrupt enemies from using their character’s abilities.


Steffie’s skills haven’t even received an upgrade for quite a time, previously it hardly does anything since it only minuscule 5% bullet damage reduction. However, this time developers have decided to give a buff to the character.

The new painted refuge skill will create a 3.5m area that will block throwables, and will also restore armor durability by 10% every second for allied characters. On top of that, it will also reduce weapon damage taken by 10%.

Steffie’s skill has received a huge buff after a very long time, it has a huge potential of being overpowered and might get nerfed in later updates.


Nikita has been one of the weakest characters in the game and now finally it received a buff. Her ability now works on all weapons, not just SMGs. additionally, she has received an extra ability which boosts the damage of the last 5 bullets fired from an SMG gun.

The reload speed boost is applied to all the weapons now and it will be quite useful for shotgun and sniper players.


In the previous update, Rafael had received a buff however, it doesn’t look like it is still not popular as Garena expected, because of that, Garena has decided to buff his ability again.

The new Rafael’s ability in OB33 has an additional effect that causes enemies to bleed out fast with each successfully hit bullet. This basically means that after downing an enemy, another 1-2 shots are enough to bleed him out or finish him. Overall, Rafael’s updated ability might finally make him popular.

New Weapons

Garena always introduces a new weapon with every update however, this time in the OB33 update, Free Fire is going to receive 2 new weapons– G36 and F2000.

New G36 Gun in Free Fire!
New G36 Gun in Free Fire!

The G36 looks very similar to M4A1 which comes with two modes that can be helpful in various situations. The F2000 is also an AR gun however, it doesn’t look any strong as G36. It is actually a more balanced weapon for beginners.

New Features and Modes

Link System for Free Character

Players can now get a free character by completing tasks
Players can now get a free character by completing tasks!

Players can now get a permanent character for free by completing a few requirements in the Link System. This opens up various opportunities for players who don’t want to spend any money on the game.

Zombie Invasion Mode

Free Fire is introducing a new zombie mode that challenges players to fight against zombies as well as to receive Booyah. It also comes with a fair bit of new features as players would be able to pick perks at the start of the match.

New Zombie Mode is here!
New Zombie Mode is here!

This new Zombie Invasion mode is going to be the highlight of the OB33 update, adding a whole new dimension to the game.

Improved Download Center

Download Center has been reorganized!
Download Center has been reorganized!

The Download center has been reorganized to make it easy to access, by dividing it into categories like Modes, Maps, and Characters/Pets. This allows players to choose whichever section they want to download.

Credit Score

Player will be penalized for toxic behavior!
Players will be penalized for showing toxic behavior!

Similar to as in PUBG Mobile, Garena is going to implement a brand new system called Credit Score to monitor the behavior of players. They will penalize players for toxic behavior such as AFK, force quitting, using inappropriate language, verbal abuse, etc.

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