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Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass: All You Need To Know

Have you seen the Season 2 Elite Pass rewards? Do you want to know about it? Read this article and you’ll get to see the Review of Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass, Its rewards, and All you need to know about it!🔥

In July, Season 2 Elite Pass with the most popular Hip Hop Bundle. The EP has rewards like Bundles, Weapon Skins, Emotes, Loot Box, backpack, banner, avatar, and Vehicle skins as well.

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Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass
Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass

The Second Elite Pass has a big fanbase because of its reward Hip Hop Bundle. Only a few people have Free Fire season 2 Elite Pass because at that time Free Fire was not famous that much. So only few people have that now! It is the Second most rare Bundle after Sakura Bundle (Season 1 Elite Pass Bundle).

The Hip Hop Bundle Bundle was from the Second Elite Pass. In this article, we’ll see all the rewards of Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass: All You Need To Know

Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass (Hip Hop Bundle) came in-game on July 2018, Hip Hop bundle is based on the street style,

All Rare Items of Free Fire Elite Pass Season 2

season 2 Hip Hop Bundle
Hip Hop Bundle

#1 Second season Elite Pass Shirt

free fire season 2 elite pass shirt
free fire elite pass season 2 shirt

#2 Elite Pass Surfboard

Free Fire season 2 elite pass surfboard

#3 Elite Pass Loot Box

Season 2 Lootbox

#4 Second season Elite Pass Lootbox 2

Lootbox season 2 free fire

#5 Elite Pass Parasuit

parachute skin season 2

#6 Season 2 Elite Pass Banner

Season 2 Banner

#7 Elite Pass Blue Parasuit

parachute skin

#8 Elite Pass Backpack

Free Fire Season 2 Backpack skin

#9 Elite Pass Surfboard 2

Season 2 Surfboard skin
Season 2 Surfboard skin

#10 Elite Pass Backpack

brother chicken backpack skin

#11 Elite Pass Doodle Banner

doodle banner

#12 Second season Elite Pass Female Bundle

free fire season 2 Elite pass female bundle

#13 Second season Elite Pass Surfboard

Hip hop Bundle
Hip Hop Bundle

These are the Rare rewards of Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass.

Due to high demand, Garena Free Fire brought back many Elite Pass Bundles including Sakura and Hip Hop in a lucky wheel event but still many don’t able to acquire it because of the limited number of spins available for a player, and a single spin cost 2500 diamonds.

So what do you think, will Garena Free Fire will make a return of Hip Hop Bundle?

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