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Frog Light in Minecraft: How to get & Where to find!

The past year was full of excitement for the Fans as two grand Minecraft updates were released. Along with the update, many new things and mobs were introduced, in which Frogs are the tiniest yet very useful creatures that can be found in Minecraft world.

With the new update introducing new features, frog lights are powerful blocks that we can obtain, there’re only a few things you’ll need to do to obtain these blocks, we will show you how with this guide:

How to make Frog Lights in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 Frogs, Tadpoles & New Eggs!

The first thing you’d need to do this to find frogs, You can find them near water in the Swamp biome. You can easily find them there but in case you cannot find any in this location, go underwater and look for tadpoles and collect them.

Once you have grabbed a frog, bring it near a magma cube so it can eat it, once the frog eats the magma cube, it will produce a frog light.

The color of frog light blocks depends on which frog variant you have. for example, when a swamp frog (orange) eats a magma cube, it produces an ochre frog light block. Here are the frog light variants:

  • Ochre Froglight block = Swamp Frog (orange) and a Magma Cube.
  • Pearlescent Froglight block = Tropical Frog (white) and a Magma Cube.
  • Verdant Froglight block = Snowy Frog (green) and a Magma Cube.

The process is the same as obtaining slimeballs from frogs. As frogs eat the slime variant, they drop slimeball.

One great thing about the process of frog light generation is that you won’t die after eating the Magma Cube. Which means you can make multiple frog lights with only one frog at a time.

Uses of Frog Light in Minecraft

Frog light emits 15 level of light
Frog light emits 15 levels of light

These frog lights generate an incredible amount of light which can replace most of the light sources blocks. These light blocks emit a light level of 15, which is the highest in the game so far.

Currently, it’s available in Bedrock Edition but it might be available in Java Edition in the next update.

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