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Garena Revealed the Schedule & Location for Free Fire World Series 2022 Event

Garena has officially announced the Date, Schedule and Location of the most awaited worldwide Esports event, Free Fire World Series 2022 (FFWS). The Global Esports event will take place in May from May 14th to May 21st in Sentosa, Singapore.

Here take a look at the schedule and other important details revealed recently of the FFWS 2022 event.

Free Fire World Series 2022 Location and Other Details

Garena has Scheduled the Global event to be held in May, with Play-ins starting from May 14th 2022 and finals on May 21st 2022 in Sentosa, Singapore. As Singapore is Garena’s Home Country so if anything goes wrong they will be able to handle it.

Last Year, due to Covid-19 second wave, South Asian were prohibited from entering Singapore and competing in FFWS 2021 event. The second FFWS 2021 event was also canceled due to the pandemic. However, this year there might be no such allegations for the teams.

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FFWS [2022] Format and Teams

22 Teams from 13 Regions all around the world will be competing in this tournament. Similar to previous year’s format, the tournament will be held in two phases: Play-ins and Finals.

FFWS 2022 Teams Format
Free Fire World Series 2022 Format
  • Play-ins

12 Teams from 12 different regions will compete in 6 rounds matches on May 14 to find the 2 teams who will be competing with other regional champion teams in the finals. the rest teams will be eliminated.

Play-ins Seeding teams list:

  1. India Runners-up (FFIC 2022 Spring)
  2. Brazil Runners-up
  3. Indonesia Runners-up
  4. MCP (Malaysia, Cambodia, and Philippines) Runners-up
  5. CIS Runners-up
  6. Vietnam Runners-up
  7. Thailand Runners-up
  8. LATAM Runners-up
  9. Taiwan Champion
  10. Pakistan Champion
  11. North America Champion
  12. MENA Runners-up
  • Finals

The top two Play-ins winner teams will compete with other Regional champions in the finals on May 21, the battle is of 6 Rounds to find the FFWS 2022 Champion Team!

  1. India Champion (FFIC 2022 Spring)
  2. Brazil Champion
  3. Indonesia Champion
  4. MCP Champion
  5. CIS Champion
  6. MENA Champion
  7. Thailand Champion
  8. LATAM Champion
  9. Europe Champion
  10. Vietnam Champion
  11. Play-ins winner team
  12. Play-ins Runner up team

More Information regarding Free Fire World Series

The FFWS is the biggest Esports league of Garena Free Fire where best teams from all over the world will compete to win the title of Global Free Fire Champions.

The First Free Fire World Series was organised in 2019 in Brazil with a Prize Pool of $400,000, Brazilian team Corinthians won the title. In 2020, Garena replaced it with Continental Series but FFWS made a comeback again in 2021, and the Thai Team Phoenix Force (Evox Esports) won the championship. The event recorded 5.4Million peak viewers, making it the most watched Esports event ever.

The Second FFWS 2021 event was canceled due to the Corona outbreak.

Free Fire fans must be excited to watch the thrilling World Series and cheer for their Favorite teams. However, can Garena Free Fire will able to break its own highest viewers record this year?

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