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Hidden Facts about Genshin Impact’s Xiao: True Age, Real Name, and Untold Stories

Genshin Impact has unveiled a world brimming with captivating characters, and among them, Xiao, the Guardian Yaksha, shines brightly. Despite his youthful appearance, Xiao conceals a wealth of history and fascinating secrets. In this article, we delve into Xiao’s true age, real name, and other fascinating facts that are sure to enhance your understanding of this mysterious character.

Xiao’s Age: Ancient Wisdom Beyond Measure

Appearances can be deceiving, and Xiao’s youthful visage is no exception. Surprisingly, Xiao has existed for over 2000 years, establishing himself as one of the most seasoned characters in Genshin Impact. This remarkable fact has been confirmed through Character Details and Character Story 4. To put this into perspective, Xiao has witnessed more years than Lesser Lord Kusanali, the 500-year-old Dendro Archon of Sumeru. Only Zhongli and Venti can rival Xiao’s longevity. Such extensive time has endowed Xiao with unparalleled wisdom and experience, leading to his involvement in quests and events that unveil the secrets and untold tales of Liyue. Exploring Xiao’s quest chain not only imparts knowledge but also offers a delightful glimpse into the world of Liyue before the Archon War.

Xiao’s Real Name: Unveiling the General Alatus

Xiao's Real Name is Alatus
Xiao’s Real Name is “Alatus”

While many may know him by the name Xiao, it is crucial to note that this Yaksha’s true name is Alatus. Zhongli, in his wisdom, bestowed the name “Xiao” upon him. However, his genuine identity is revealed in his Character Story 2, where he is referred to as “General Alatus.” This detail serves as compelling evidence supporting the claim that Xiao’s real name is indeed Alatus. Zhongli played a key role in saving this Yaksha and nurturing their bond, symbolized by the name ‘Xiao’ bestowed upon him.

Yaksha Comrades: A Legacy Fading Away

Among the Yakshas in Liyue, Xiao stands as the sole survivor of his kind. The other five Yakshas, namely Bosacius, Indarias, Bonanus, Menogias, and Bosacius, have either perished or disappeared. Bosacius, the eldest Yaksha, succumbed to exhaustion from endless wars and eventually vanished after sealing his treasures in Minlin. He played a vital role in the Abyss war against the Khaenri’ah monsters. Sadly, Indarias, Bonanus, and Menogias met their tragic ends. Despite these losses, Xiao remains a steadfast and loyal Yaksha, devoted to serving Zhongli and protecting Liyue. His mission revolves around slaying monsters and safeguarding the people of Liyue.

 Lantern Rite Festival: A Lonely Battle

The Lantern Rite Festival, a joyous occasion in Liyue that ushers in the New Year, envelops the city in excitement. However, while the revelry unfolds, Xiao bears a different burden. As a devoted Yaksha, he harbors a distaste for the Lantern Rite Festival due to the overwhelming workload it entails. During this event, Xiao tirelessly fights and works to ensure everyone’s safety. The festival becomes an opportune time for defeated gods in Liyue to seek revenge against Morax and disrupt the city’s peace. Consequently, Xiao’s responsibilities multiply as he dedicates himself to upholding happiness and security for the people of Liyue.

The Wangshu Inn: A Hidden Network of Support

The Guardian Yaksha of Liyue
The Vigilant Yaksha of Liyue

While the Wangshu Inn is widely recognized as a popular destination in Liyue, where travelers undertake commissions from Verr Goldet, its true purpose remains shrouded in secrecy. Behind its inviting façade, the Wangshu Inn operates as a secret establishment that offers vital support to Xiao. Serving as a front organization for a secret agent group, the inn aids Xiao in his ceaseless battle against the menacing monsters that threaten Liyue. This revelation adds an intriguing dimension to Xiao’s tale, showcasing the intricate web of alliances and covert operations within Liyue.

The extraordinary story of Xiao unfolds within the vast world of Genshin Impact, where ancient histories intertwine with present-day challenges. Exploring his true age, real name, the fate of his Yaksha comrades, his arduous journey during the Lantern Rite Festival, and the significance of the Wangshu Inn unravel the enigmatic layers of Xiao’s existence. As players embark on quests and unravel the mysteries of Teyvat, the enigma of Xiao continues to captivate the hearts and minds of Genshin Impact’s devoted fan base.

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