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How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Methods & Process Explained

Getting Diamonds for free in Free Fire is nearly impossible but don’t worry, we are providing some working methods to get them for absolutely free and will also explain the full process to get them.😋

Don’t think getting Diamonds without paying money is easy as it will require time and effort.

How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Getting Free Diamonds isn't easy as it looks
Getting Free Diamonds isn’t Easy as it looks (image via Youtube)

So here are some working methods to get Free Diamonds in Free fire:

By completing Surveys

There are many websites where you get paid for completing a survey which usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

We are sharing the complete genuine sites list from where you get paid per survey and may use it to get Free diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max for India🇮🇳.

1. IndiaSpeaks.net

Indiaspeaks in one of the genuine site which will pay you for completing a survey and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

You will get 50-100 rupees (depends on the survey) and withdraw them on your Paytm. But usually, the problem with this site is that they take 1-2 months to deposit the money in your wallet.

Overall this site is 100% genuine and you can use it to get Free diamonds in your FF id.

2. Rakuten Insights

Rakuten is another legit pay-per-survey website where you get paid for completing Surveys. The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete and pays 100INR.

This surveys site deposit the money within a month in your preferred withdrawal methods.

Overall this site is 100% legit and you can use it to get Diamonds for free in FF or FF Max.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best applications where you get some Google play credits to use for in-app purchases within the game.

Although it is very slow and requires effort as you may get 2-3 surveys in a month and you will get only a few points.

If you wait for a special airdrop in free fire then you can get considerable value out of it.

Follow these steps to earn rewards through Google Opinion Rewards:

Step 1: First download the Google opinion rewards application from the play store

Step 2: Now you will need to set up your profile

Step 3: After completing the profile setup, you’ll get a survey which requires you to answer some basic questions about age, location, etc.

Step 4: You’ll start receiving surveys and the rewards will be credited once you complete them.

These points can be used for in-app purchases in Garena Free Fire.

Using Booyah App

Booyah is a video streaming application developed by Garena. There are several events where you can get a chance to get various rewards including in-game items such as Weapon crates, Vouchers, diamonds, Attractive outfits, pets, characters, gift cards, and more.

There are multiple watch-to-win events ongoing that give various items and rewards including diamonds, it requires users to watch the stream for 60 minutes.

There are also several events where users need to upload a short clip of their Booyah to stand a chance to win emotes and characters and sometimes even Diamonds.

Steps to get rewards through Booyah:

Step 1: First download the Booyah app from Google Play Store

Step 2: Now signup and don’t forget to link your Free Fire account (option available in the profile).

Step 3: Now participate in your desired events to earn the rewards

The items will be credited to your linked Free Fire account. Although it is not guaranteed that you will get it but it is worth giving it a try!

Using Taskbucks

Taskbucks is another one of the best apps to earn money and use it to get free diamonds in Free Fire. You’ll need to complete simple tasks such as Downloading apps, Visiting websites, watching ads and videos, referring to your friends or relatives, sharing opinions, completing Surveys, and Participating in Contests. From referral, everyone can earn up to ₹70 per day.

The money earned with this app can be Withdrawn on Wallets and can be used to purchase diamonds in Free Fire.

Steps to download Taskbucks:

Step 1: first download the Taskbucks app available on the play store

Step 2: Now signup and complete the profile

Step 3: you can download apps or refer your friends to earn money and use it to purchase Free Fire diamonds.

From Free Fire Partner Program

Free Fire Partner Program India
Free Fire Partner Program details

The Free Fire partner program is another great way to get free diamonds in the Free fire game, but joining the program is not easy as it sounds. For that, you need to follow some guidelines such as you need to have at least 100k subscribers on your youtube channel.

Benefits of Free Fire Partner Program:

There are many benefits you’ll get when you get joined in the partner program:

  • Financial Compensation
  • Free diamonds every month
  • Free In-game items such as bundles, characters, etc.
  • Advance Access to new features etc.

You can read more about the Free Fire Partner Program here.

Using Winzo App

Winzo App is one of the best apps where you can get Free Diamonds in Free Fire as well as UC for BGMI easily.

If you are good at the Free Fire game, then this app is best because there are many tournaments ongoing every day in which players can participate and get a chance to win. The app gives 100% real and legit so you don’t need to worry.

Using Redeem Codes

You can get Free Rewards from Redeem Codes

Redeem code is another great way to get diamonds and in-game items for free.

The developers of Free Fire launches new redeem code regularly like recently in FFAC 2021, players got many free rewards including Gloo Wall skin.

Using Rooter App

There are many ways Rooter app has given from which players can earn Free Fire Diamonds easily. You can get Free DJ Alok as well by Redeeming in-app coins.

follow these steps to learn how you can get free DJ Alok and diamonds using Rooter App:

  1. Go to the play store and search for Rooter
  2. download the rooter app and open it
  3. Now you need to register in it using Mobile number
  4. Verify the OTP and you are good to go.
  5. Now earn points and redeem them for Free in-game items, diamonds, and characters.

Using Game.tv

If you are a good player in Free Fire and want to become an esports player, the best app for this is Game.tv, yup you may have heard about it.

You can register for Free Tournaments and you don’t need to have a team also, you can register for Solo games and if you won, the host will topup diamonds in your ff account.

Follow these steps to register and play tournaments in Game.tv:

  1. First Download Game.tv from play store
  2. Register in it and search for a Youtuber guild
  3. Join the guild and register for a tournament
  4. You’ll get a notification of Room Id and pass 10 mins before the custom room starts.
  5. If you have won the tournament, you can just simply tell the host about it and also make sure to take a screenshot of your winning.
  6. They’ll topup the Diamonds in 24hr.

Using The Advance Server

Find Bugs & Get Free Diamonds
Get Free Diamonds for reporting Bugs

If you don’t know how you can get free diamonds using the Free Fire advance server then let me tell you, the developers have added a bug Bounty program which means when a player encounters a bug in the advance server then he can report it to the developers and as a reward, he will get Free diamonds in his Free Fire account.

Using Poll Pay app

Poll Pay is a popular Get-paid-to application and users need to complete a variety of tasks such as Quizzes, Surveys, and more and redeem them for in-app purchases.

The Only downside of this app is, you’ll need a PayPal account to withdraw the funds.

Using Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards is another popular GPT app and it is similar to the Poll Pay app, they can redeem various rewards such as Gift cards and more.

They can gather points by completing different tasks and redeem them for a Google play gift card and use it to purchase diamonds in the game.

Free Fire Diamond Generator

Do you think Free Fire Diamonds Generator works or not? If someone told you to use Diamonds Generator then don’t ever try. Because there is no working Free Diamonds Generator site that will give you diamonds.

Garena doesn’t allow you to use any third-party app or site such as Free Fire Diamonds Generator or any other and there are higher chances that your account will get banned so we suggest never try it.

SkillClash: Get Free Diamonds Gifts

This is actually an interesting site that will pay you for playing games and you don’t even need to download any app, well it is a website that can only be opened on a Chrome Browser.

Follow these steps to learn:

  1. Visit the SkillClash Website
  2. Register your Mobile number and once done you’ll get redirected to the homepage.
  3. You’ll see many trending games
  4. Play any game that’s on the list according to the points
  5. when you have enough points, withdraw them with the preferred method
  6. You can redeem them for Google Play Gift Codes and later purchase the Free Fire diamonds.

It is the best indirect way to earn Free Diamonds in the Free Fire game.

Task Mate (Google’s Product)

Taskmate (get free diamonds)

This is another great app developed by Google. This app is only available for beta users and only for a limited number of users.

You’ll get a wide variety of tasks and it pays you on time. Well, the tasks are simple like taking a picture of the nearest Restaurant, answering questions and translating sentences, etc.

Follow these steps to learn How to use the app:

  1. download the app and register
  2. Search for any available tasks
  3. complete the task by following the guidelines
  4. Now you can withdraw the money on your e-wallet.
  5. Go to profile and click on Cash out button
  6. You’ll receive the money in your local currency, now use it to purchase diamonds in Free Fire.

Only participate in tasks that you can complete otherwise skip it. Tasks can be completed anywhere, anytime.

EzCash: Get Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

Ezcash is one of the best apps for those who complain that they are not getting enough surveys in other apps. Unlike other apps, EzCash has various options to earn real money. When you signup for the first time, you’ll get a welcome reward of 50 coins.

Additionally, you will also get a daily bonus for scratching vouchers, checking apps, sharing content on Social media, and other tasks. You can withdraw these coins for gift cards and can purchase diamonds in your Free Fire account.

You Speak We Pay

You speak we pay is a popular platform that pays you for reading the sentences in the correct pronunciation. Depending on the recording quality and correct pronunciation, you will get an accuracy score, and based on that you’ll get rewarded.

You can withdraw the money earned in this app to get Free diamonds in Free Fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

We have provided all the working methods that you can use in order to get Free Diamonds in your Free Fire ID.

Q. How to send a gift in Free Fire without diamonds?

Sadly, we have checked everywhere but there is no way to send gifts without diamonds. If you want to gift something to your friend then you need to spend diamonds. But don’t worry you can use our tricks to get diamonds for free.

These are some of the working methods to earn free diamonds in Garena Free Fire.

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