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How to Become a CEO, VIP and MC President in GTA 5? Easy Guide!

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful Video Game series published by Rockstar Games. Their recent game, GTA 5 allows players to perform countless activities from Bank Robbery to becoming the President of Motor Club. In GTA Online, If you want to register yourself as the CEO, VIP, or MC President then you will first need to spend money, as you may know, Money attracts Money, same goes for GTA.

There are countless benefits you will get when you register yourself in one of three roles, such as performing different heists, joining races, clubs and you can even hire Bodyguards or other players to do your work. Sound interesting Right?

You can follow the guide to know about how to register as a CEO, VIP, and MC President in GTA 5.

How to Register as a VIP in GTA 5 and What are the benefits?

To register yourself as a VIP, You will first need to have at least $50,000 in your Bank account, which is not that difficult. by the way, you don’t have to spend the amount and it is just a requirement for being a VIP in GTA. Once you have enough money, you can follow the steps:

How to register as a VIP in GTA Online
You need to have at least $50,000 in your bank to become a VIP in GTA 5 (img via GuruGamer)
  1. Open the interaction menu and access SecuroServ in GTA 5.
  2. There, You will get an option to Register as a VIP.
  3. Register yourself and in the last name your Organization (you can enter anything).

You will get a SecuroServ VIP option on the menu, from then you can live a Luxurious VIP Life for 4 Real-time hours.

Benefits of being a VIP in GTA 5

As a VIP, you can hire other players in your session as Bodyguards (up to 3) they will protect you and help you to complete various missions and tasks within Los Santos. As you’re their “Boss” you can drop their armor and ammunition. there are various jobs available for a VIP that can be accessed from the interaction menu. If you are in a rush, you can summon others vehicles too.

One more thing, A VIP will respawn near bodyguards when killed.

How to Register as a CEO in GTA 5 and what are the benefits?

To become a CEO in GTA Online, you will first need to own an Office, for that, you must have at least $1,00,000 in your pocket, you can find the best office to buy through the link. Here’s the list of executive Offices to buy and their price:

  • Maze Bank Tower: $4,000,000
  • Maze Bank West: $1,000,000
  • Arcadius Business Center: $2,250,000
  • Lombank West: $3,100,000

Among them, the cheapest one will cost $1,00,000. However, the more expensive executive offices will provide more features and perks. Once you have bought an office, you can follow these steps:

How to register as a CEO in GTA 5
You need to own an Executive Office first to become a CEO in GTA Online (img via pushsquare)
  1. Open the interaction menu and select SecuroServ in GTA Online.
  2. Register yourself as a CEO from the menu
  3. Done.

Benefits of being a CEO in GTA 5

A CEO has much more benefits than a VIP, being a CEO, you will have all the benefits of a VIP permanently, you can buy new properties such as warehouses, for maintaining a good profile. You can even unlock bunkers for Gunrunning Business and Nightclub as well.

A CEO can hire an Executive Assistant who will perform various tasks such as picking you up, ordering food. A ton of new customization will be available like adding a gun locker, furnishing, and living quarters. Additionally, you can spawn various vehicles including Buzzard Attack Chopper for any member of your organization.

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How to Register as an MC President in GTA 5 and its Benefits?

To register yourself as the President of Motor Clubs, you will need to own a Clubhouse first. If you don’t know how to buy a Club House then follow the given steps within the GTA 5:

  1. Visit Maze Bank Forclosures website from any PC.
  2. There, you will see a property map, click on the Clubhouse filter to show all the available Clubhouse location
  3. Purchase any of the Clubhouse. The cheapest one is the Great Chapparal Clubhouse which will cost only $200,000.

After you own a Clubhouse, you are ready to go and become the MC President, follow the given steps:

how to become MC President in GTA Online
You need to own a Club House first to become an MC President in GTA 5 (Image via Pushsquare)
  1. Open the interaction menu and select Motor Club.
  2. Click on the Start Motor Club option to Register as a Motor Club President from the menu.

Note: You can only be a CEO or a President at a time if you are already a CEO then you need to give up your position to become an MC President.

Benefits of being a Motor Clubs President in GTA 5

There are lots of advantages of becoming an MC President like you will have the ability to launch Motor Club Jobs, recruit prospects to ride alongside you. You can engage in multiple criminal activities. You can also spawn and despawn Motorbikes at your location anytime without worrying about the cooldown. There are various MC challenges and contracts to complete and get rewarded!


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