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How to Change Server in Free Fire Easily!

In this article, we are going to see simple methods to change server in Free Fire with VPN or Without VPN. I’ll share both methods in this article.😋

Garena Free Fire Overview

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous Battle Royale game with over 1 Billion+ Downloads in the Play Store. Garena has divided the game by regions e.g. For Indian users 🇮🇳- Only Indian players can play, no other country player can play on that server.

Free Fire Server List

In 2021, Free Fire has a total of 13 Servers (including the Bangladesh server) which is recently launched by Garena. Here is a list of all Free Fire servers.🤓

  1. Free Fire India Server.
  2. Free Fire Thailand Server.
  3. Free Fire Brazil Server.
  4. Free Fire Middle East Server (MENA).
  5. Free Fire Mexico Server (Free Fire – LATAM).
  6. Free Fire Taiwan Server (Free Fire – 我要活下去)
  7. Free Fire Russia Server.
  8. Free Fire Europe Server.
  9. Free Fire Indonesia Server.
  10. Free Fire Malaysia Server.
  11. Free Fire Vietnam Server.
  12. Free Fire Pakistan Server.
  13. Free Fire Bangladesh Server. (New)


How to Change Server in Free Fire?

How to Change Server in Free Fire: Simple Method
How to Change Server in Free Fire: Easy Method

It is one of the most asked questions because people want to explore other servers to see the difference and upcoming Events. So we’ll see How to change server in Free Fire :

Well, there are two ways: With or Without VPN that players can use in order to change Server in Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

Change Free Fire Server with VPN

To change the server of Free Fire with VPN, Follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Download a Fast VPN (Recommended: )

STEP 2: Logout of your account from the game and connect to a server on which you wanna play.

STEP 3: You can play in a Guest account or connect it with your New Gmail id.

STEP 4: When you connect your other server ff account with Gmail, you don’t need to use VPN again. You can access it without a VPN.

How to Change Server in Free Fire
You can check your current server at the bottom

Change Free Fire Server without VPN

To change a Free Fire server without using a VPN, you’ll need to follow these steps:

STEP 1: First You cannot change the server without using a VPN, if you have an overseas friend ask him to create a Free Fire account and connect it with a Gmail id and give it to you.

Change Server in Free Fire: FAQs

Q. Can I use my Free Fire account on another server?

NO, You can’t use your Main account on another server. You will need to create a new one.

Q. Do I get Banned for Using VPN?

No, VPN is not a hack it just changes the location so you can safely use it to change Server in Free Fire (You only need VPN once!).

Q. How do I Change the server in Free Fire without VPN?

You can ask someone to create a Free Fire account for you or if you have an overseas friend then you can ask him to create an account on that server.

Q. How many Servers are there in Free Fire?

There are a total of 13 Server including the Bangladesh server which is recently added in Free Fire.

Q. Which is the best VPN to change Free Fire Server?

You only need to use VPN once to change the server, So I recommend Turbo VPN which is available for free in the Play Store.

Q. In which country Free Fire is Banned?

Free Fire is banned in Bangladesh by their Government for 3 months starting from August 26, 2021.

Q. How to change Free Fire Server in PC?

You can use the same method listed above to change the server of Free Fire on PC. You just need to download a VPN in your emulator and connect it.

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