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How to Create Own Among Us Avatar For Free

Do you wanna create an Avatar for your own Among Us character or start from scratch? We have got you covered!

Among Us is a Popular party game inspired by Mafia (party game) and the science fiction Horror Film- The Thing. Among Us got so much popularity when the world was in Lockdown.

Among us avatars creator
among us customized avatars (image via IndiaEsportZ.com)

Many people use these avatars as their Facebook profile picture and if you want to use your imagination to turn the Among Us characters into an Avatar then follow the steps:

How to Create Own Among Us Avatar?

Among Us
Impostor Avatar Maker

Using an Application

  1. Open Google Play Store and search for Impostor Avatar Maker
  2. Download Impostor Avatar Maker Apk and open it.
  3. You’ll get many Customization option, customize the character according to you
  4. Add Background, pets and other items that you want
  5. When done, save it from the button at the top right.
  6. DONE ENJOY!!!

Using Website

among us avatar creator
among us avatar creator (image via amongusavatarcreator.com)

You can also use among us avatar creator website to customize a Character:

  • Visit the Among us avatar maker website https://www.amongusavatarcreator.com
  • You can change the background, Pets, avatar according to your need
  • There are many decorative items available that you can try
  • If done, Then Download it from the button
  • Now Enjoy!!!!

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You can use these steps to create an Avatar of your Among Us character and download it. You can use both ways to create an avatar and share it with your friends.

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