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Project Stars: How to Download and Play in Android/iOS

Project Stars is a brand new Open-World Multiplayer Sandbox Game set in a Fantasy world where the objective is similar to other multiplayer games, Fight for Life and Survive. It has many similar Fortnite elements such as Building Structures.

The Project Stars Beta version has officially been released in SEA Countries which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on. In this post, we will share How to download Project Stars on Android and iOS irrespective of your geographical location.

Project: Stars (ENG) - Survival CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

How to Download Project Stars Beta on Android?

The Beta version of Project Stars has officially been released in South-East Asian Countries so if you are from Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, and so on, You can directly download the game from Google Play Store.

Those who are from other parts of the world will need to follow the given steps to download and play the Project Stars Beta on the Android device Right now:

  1. Download a third party App Store (Prefered: Uptodown)
  2. Open the application and search for Project Stars (Click here to directly download the APK)
  3. Download and Install Project Stars Beta apk
  4. Launch the game and enjoy the survival

You won’t need a VPN since the app is not region-locked.

Note: The developers have announced that they will wipe out all the players’ data once the Beta testing ends.

Project Stars First Look
Defeat Alien Mecha to Survive!

How to Download Project Stars on iOS?

Sorry to disappoint you, Project Stars Beta is only available for Android right now and there’s no way to play it on iOS. We will keep you updated if any news arrives about the iOS version of the game.

Project Stars DIY Cool Vehicle
You can create your Own Vehicles from Scratch!

When will Project Stars Launch Globally?

The Developers Xiaojiao zhang has not disclosed any news about the Global launch date for Project Stars yet but it is expected to release this year.

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