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How to Find the Exact Location Where you died in Minecraft

Minecraft is really a great game for those who wanna survive in this peaceful world however, the Minecraft world is not as peaceful as it looks, A lot of dangerous creatures or mobs are eager to kill you. Although taking down these mobs are easy, it can be very hard to handle them when they attack in a horde.

It is very disappointing to see when you mistakenly died and lost all the precious items which took forever to obtain. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can use to find the exact location where you died last time to retrieve all your dropped items back in Minecraft.

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Tips and Tricks to Find your Death Location and Recover all the lost item

By default, Minecraft doesn’t show the exact death location until you use a Mod but you can use our tips to find the exact location (most of the time) without using mods in Minecraft Vanilla Version.

This tricks works for both Vanilla and Non Vanilla players
The below-listed tricks work for both Vanilla & Non-Vanilla players
  • If you are going far from your house, it’s better to keep some torches or dyed wool to mark your way. It will also be helpful in finding your way back.
  • If you died near a structure such as Temple or Village, crafting a map will be beneficial as a large map will mark the structures in the seed.
  • Use Coordinates to find the exact location where you died because whenever you dies, your coordination will be visible whe the death screen appears so you can write down the coordinates and follow them if needed. In case you have not enabled it yet we recommend you to enable it from the menu.
  • If you died in a open ground area, its better to stand on the tallest height so you can look around to guess your last known location.
  • If you don’t carry any essential item such as diamonds or enchanted tools, don’t bother to recover it.

However, if nothing works for you then there are many mods that showcase the location where you last died. So check out the list:

Best Mods to finding your death Location in Minecraft

How to find where you died in minecraft
How to find where you died in Minecraft
  • Corpse Mod: The Coprse will appear at the players location upon death. Your player skin will be applied to the corpse and all the items you had when you died, the corpse will turn into a skeleton after an hour.
  • Corail Tombstone: this Minecraft mod will create a grave in your death location.
  • Death Coords: Death Coords is a simple mod that will show your death coordinates on the respawn screen and in the chat in gold color.
  • Death Finder: This Mod will show your exact position in various ways, so you will know which direction actually you’ll need to go!

All these mods work with Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock (Pocket edition) so you can use these to find your exact death coordinates in Minecraft PE.

How to get your Minecraft items back after you die without knowing coordinates

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