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How to get Emeralds Faster in Minecraft 1.18

Emeralds has always been the rarest ore in the Minecraft world and the only place where we could get Emerald Ore is Extreme Hill Biomes or in ore veins.

But in the recent Minecraft 1.18 update, the search for the Emerald ore has become easy, it is still difficult to find them but much easier then before.

In this article, you will learn few ways to get Emeralds faster in Minecraft 1.18 version.

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How to Get Emeralds Faster in Minecraft 1.18 Faster?

How to get Emeralds faster in Minecraft 1.18
Mining Emerald (image via Minecraft)

As we know, before the 1.18 update, The Extreme Hill was the only biome where you could mine and get Emeralds but now in the Minecraft 1.18 version, there are 3 new mountainous biomes added to the game: jaggy peaks, frozen peaks and the stony peaks.

Players can easily find emeralds in these new biomes and it is not that difficult as you just need to pickup your pickaxe start mining.

Emeralds can also be found in the Structures such as Desert temple, Jungle Temple, and also in loot chests and Villagers chests.

There are a lot of loot pools but finding them is not much easy. But still the simplest and easiest way in Minecraft so far is by trading with villagers for Emeralds.

What are the use of Emeralds in Minecraft?

How to find emeralds fast in Minecraft
Trading with villagers (image via Youtube)

Emeralds are mainly used as a currency to trade with Villagers for goods such as armors, weapons and other items.

Emeralds are also used to make a Beacon to give player a buff. While an Emerald can also be substituted for Iron ingot, gold ingot, Diamond or a Netherite ingot in the Beacon.

While there is no other use of Emeralds but it can be used as a decorative items by crafting a block of emerald.

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That’s it for the article, the ways i have shared in this article can be used to find Emeralds in the Minecraft 1.18 version.

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