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How To Get Free Emotes in Free Fire

Free Fire has many emotes that players can claim, Some people use emotes to troll other players, Some use them on the battlefield. In this article, we’ll see How to get Free Emotes in Free Fire and tricks to get rare emotes.

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games, it has crossed 1 Billion+ downloads on Play Store. This Famous Battle Royale is designed by the Singapore-based company Garena. Free Fire is unique from other battle royale games for its Fancy Graphics, Character abilities, and unique costumes and of course EMOTES.🌟

How To Get Free Emotes in Free Fire

Here we’ll be sharing methods to get Free Emotes in Free Fire and some tricks to get rare emotes in the Free Fire Game for Free.

Method 1: Through Redeem Codes

free fire redeem code
free fire redeem code

Redeem Codes is the best and safest way to get Free Emotes and other items in Free Fire. You can get redeem codes from Free Fire Official website and from Free Fire Partner streamers. By using redeem codes, you may also get rare Emotes for free. In FFIC and FFWS, Free Fire provides items redeem codes for completing tasks.

Method 2: Through Booyah App

Booyah app
Booyah app

Booyah app is an official streaming platform developed by Garena. Free Fire provides diamonds, Emotes, weapon crates, etc for watching live streams of content creators and there are some events also in the booyah app. This is the best way to get Free emotes as there are higher chances of winning.

Method 3: Through In-Game Events

Free emotes in free fire from booyah app
Emote Free Fire (image via youtube)

Free Fire comes up with in-game events where it provides players free items and sometimes it also offers emotes to be chosen as a reward. Mostly, Free Fire provides free emotes when there is an official esports league.

Recently, in the FFIC 2021, Free Fire added a new event where people can choose a reward including a free emote.

Method 4: Through Elite Pass

through elite pass
through elite pass

Every month, there is a new elite pass where people can get a emote. But to claim that rewards, players need to purchase an elite pass for 499 Diamonds.

Method 5: Through Giveaways and Tournaments

Free Fire mobile tournament
Free Fire mobile tournament (image via Total gaming channel)

Many YouTubers organize tournaments where players need to win the custom room and the Youtuber will give them diamonds as a reward. Well, there are very low chances of joining that custom as there are thousands of people who are trying to join the custom room. But if you could, then must give your best.

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Final Words

These are the top 5 methods to get Free Emotes in Free Fire, But I suggest you to buy emotes from diamonds and you can earn diamonds from winning tournaments, doing surveys, or through redeem codes. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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