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How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft?

There are a lot of decorative items in Minecraft but Mob Heads are something different, these head blocks can be worn on the player’s head, help spawn the wither as well as used in decorations.

Mob Heads were in the game for a very long time but recently made available in the Vanilla Survival world. Here we are sharing all the information regarding How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft.

How to get Monster Heads in Survival Minecraft!

Getting Mob Heads in Survival World

Getting a Mob Head in Creative is very easy but in Survival World, it can be tricky. In most cases, you will need the Mob that you want the Head of, killed by a Charged Creeper explosion.

When a creeper is struck by lightning then it converts into a Charged Creeper, this can be done by using a Trident with Channeling enchantment in the Thunderstorm, or by bringing a creeper near a lightning rod during thunder.

player wearing a Creeper head
A player wearing a Creeper Head (image via Minecraft)

However, there are some Mob Heads that we can obtain directly by killing them.

Wither Head

To get a Wither Head, you will need to slay Wither Skeletons which you can find in the Nether Fortress. But it can be a bit tricky, as the wither head drop rate is about 2.5% and these mobs have high damage and HP.

You can increase the drop rate by enchanting your weapon with the Looting enchantment. Wither Head can be used as a decorative item and you can either summon a Wither to obtain a Nether Star.

Ender Dragon Head

The Ender Dragon Head can be obtained from the End Ship in the End Dimension in Minecraft. But it is not easy as we have to defeat the Ender Dragon first to find the End City.

The Ender Dragon Head is at the end of the End Ship. These are rarely generated structures that can only be found in The End.

This Head can be worn on the player’s head and it’s quite animated so we can use it as a decorative item.

Zombie, Skeleton, and Creeper Head

To get a common mob head, you will need a Charged Creeper’s help. This is pretty difficult however, we can make things easier by obtaining a Trident and putting a Chanelling enchantment to it.

Now you will need to wait until the Thunderstorm and locate the mob whose head you’d need. Then hit the mob several times without killing it and then you need a creeper to electrify it. Find a creeper and throw the Trident to it and trigger it to explode near the mob. When the mob gets killed by the creeper’s explosion, it will drop a mob head.

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