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How to Increase Likes in Free Fire Quickly [2023]

Garena Free Fire has a massive player base and every player wants to make their profile stands out from the crowd, and the huge number of likes are the best way which shows that you are a pro and old player of Free Fire.

Whenever a player likes your gameplay skills or your profile, they reward likes to you. Likes is a simple gesture to appreciate your skills efforts by your teammates or opponent players.

Here we are sharing the top tips and tricks that will help you in increasing likes on your Free Fire profile. Without any further ado, let’s get going:

Tips and Tricks to Increase Likes in Free Fire

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Follow these tips we’ve shared in this guide, these work for both Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode in Free Fire so you can get likes more easily:

Improve your Gameplay: I bet you have heard these thousands of times, but it is really an important tip, Players only reward you when your gameplay skills are fascinating.

Show your skills and impress your opponents, improve your headshots or move in style like Raistar to get rewarded for having the best skills in the squad!

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Customize your Character: Customize your character by wearing new and fancy outfits to give your character the best look. If the player likes your Avatar they will surely give you like.

Rank Up Higher: If you rank up higher in the game every season, this increases your chances of getting extra likes from players. But it also depends on your gameplay!

Use Friendly Emotes: After you defeat opponents, do appreciate their skills by showing a friendly emote. Avoid showing LOL Emote after defeating a player as it gives a negative impact and most likely, they will leave without liking!

Appreciate other players’ skills: Appreciate your opponent’s and teammate’s skills by giving them Like will most likely get you one back. Ask your teammates for likes so you can maximize the opportunity!

Play as many matches as you can: Play more games in Solo or Squad with friends so you won’t miss any chance to earn likes from any of them.

Play with Friends: The best one among them is by playing more with friends rather than Solo or unknown players, Your friends most likely to give like rather than unknown players.

These tips will surely help you in increasing your profile likes in Free Fire. Avoid using any type of hacks to get likes as it will get your account banned permanently!

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