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How to make an Automated Ghast Farm in Minecraft #Guide

Ghasts are the most annoying mobs we all have encountered in the Nether world.

These mobs are found everywhere in the Nether floating and spitting fireballs. No one wants to deal with them but you know they are the only source of Ghasts tears. So we have to kill them in order to obtain ghast tears.

But what if we could just make the whole process automated by building an Automated Ghast Farm in Minecraft. Wanna know how? Just follow this quick guide!

How to make a Ghast Farm in Minecraft?

Ghasts mainly spawn in Soul Sand Valley
Ghasts mainly spawn in Soul Sand Valley (image via Minecraft)

Before we start, we have to pick a Nether biome where we will gonna build that farm.

Ghasts spawn in various Nether biomes but players often choose Soul Sand Valley because of its high spawn rate, so as we.

Gather all the Required items

Here are the items you’ll need to build an automatic Ghast farm:

2 Chests1 Minecart with Hopper
2 Hoopers1 Restone Torch
1 Redstone Repeater1 Redstone Comparator
8 Levers10 Powered Rail
3 Stack of Rails16 Netherrack
8 Glowstones36 Glass Blocks
14 Stacks of blocks5 stack of slabs
16 Wither Roses(:
Required materials to build Ghasts Tears Farm
Required materials to build Ghasts Tears Farm

All the required items are easy to gather but Wither Roses might be tough to get. For that, You need to summon a Wither and let it kill some mobs to spawn enough wither roses. Wither roses are required to kill the ghasts automatically.

Locate the Soul Sand Valley Biome

The second step is to locate the Soul sand biome along with the required materials with you.

You can either wander around or locate the Valley using the Command: /locatebiome minecraft:soul_sand_valley

Afterward, Locate a Lava lake and create a path to the middle of it. (Make sure to check if you are still in the soul sand biome or not).

Tip: Press F3 to check which biome you are in + your exact Coordinates.

The Design Time

Here are the major components you’ll need to build for a Ghasts Farm:

  • Ghasts spawning Area
  • An Observating platform to go AFK on.
  • Automatic Ghasts Killing system
  • An automatic Collection system.

You can learn about and build these components by following this guide video:

SIMPLE 1.18 GHAST FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows10)

Make sure to place slabs all over the path to stop mobs from spawning over it.

The Ghasts will not spawn until a player goes AFK on the specific biome, so you’ll need to wait on the observation platform to let the Ghasts spawn.

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